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Today I tatted split chains

on January 21, 2014

I needed a project.

To take my attention away from the reports.

I’ve been glued to the TV all day and my window as soon as I came home.

I realize I’m obsessing…

I need a diversion…

The local TV stations have been reporting we will be getting snow tonight and I’m beyond excited!

On Sunday night they said we may get a dusting.  Monday morning they increased it to 1-2 inches.  By lunch time they predicted 2-4 inches.  Just now they are saying 1 inch.  My heart cannot take this up and down!

Time to tat!

Usually when I mention tatting people either ask what tattoo parlor I work at or get a surprised look and say “People still do that?!”.

Tatting is a way to make lace by hand.  I used to say it’s a dying art…however I find the statement hard to say after seeing so many other talented tatters on the internet.  But I guess you could say this craft had fallen out of vogue.

I learned tatting from my grandmother.  I had the craftiest grandmother : )  And I spent every summer with her which meant 3 straight months of crafting fun!  I loved to hear the clack clack of her tatting shuttle and within the matter of hours she had created the most beautiful, delicate work.  I remember one particular project called a teardrop handkerchief.  The center was a small square piece of linen and the rest tatting.  She would give this bride’s to use on their wedding day.  She always instructed the brides to carry the handkerchief with their bouquet and during the service use it to dab their happy tears and then keep it as a keepsake.  I couldn’t wait for my day to get such a precious gift : )

I thought my grandmother knew everything in tatting…until I met the internet.  My grandmother showed me everything a tatter can do with one shuttle…but there’s so much more!  Some patterns require several threads and others require more advanced techniques.  After seeing all the possibilities, I decided I would focus on learning split rings.

When you tat with one shuttle, you build your project on the shuttle thread.  With split rings, you build part of your project on the shuttle thread and the other on the ball/other shuttle.  I studied some videos on youtube and totally understand the technique in my head…let’s just see if it can translate to my fingers.

I had no problems beginning the pattern…I know my way around a shuttle.  When time came to work the ball thread, I found it awkward.  Holding the ball thread escapes me.  I’m suppose to lay the thread over the back of my hand and wrap the thread tightly around my pinkie so the thread remains taut.  Well, each time I did, the thread kept slipping.  So I would wind the thread tighter around my pinkie…but my pinkie started turning reddie.  wpid-20140122_202318.jpgIt’s beginning to sleet!!! 🙂

Err..Back to tatting!  I continued to struggle with holding the thread.  I did come across another error in working this.  Seems on one of the split chains I didn’t reverse my work and tatted that section upside down.

Anyhoo, by half way through I think I have it.

wpid-20140122_205519.jpgAnd it’s beginning to snow!!! : )

Err…back to tatting.  I finished the rest of the ring but didn’t know how to end it.  I finagled the strings through the first double stitches but I will need to research how to properly finish this.

The finished project:wpid-20140122_211605.jpgNot perfect but a beginning…now back to snow watch!!!


4 responses to “Today I tatted split chains

  1. notewords says:

    I also had a problem with holding the thread when doing chains. It’s a bit tricky to explain, so I will do a post on my tatting blog and come back and give you a link. Maybe it will be helpful!

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