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Today I made Snow Cream (sugar free)

on January 22, 2014

It snowed!! : )

wpid-20140122_080855.jpgI love snow!!

The picture shows how much my pups love the snow…they stepped out on the porch, walked to the edge of the step…and turned around back into the warm house.

All this beautiful snow…and what to do with it?!


I’m low carbing though so I will make my first attempt to make sugar free snow cream.

I took one heaping bowl of freshly fallin snow.wpid-20140122_092812.jpg

What a beautiful sight!  The snow totally makes the bowl : )

Then gather the other ingredients…vanilla, Splenda and Heavy Cream.


Let me say my disclaimers here.  First, you may question heavy cream…well, I had a thought about that.  Heavy cream has a higher milk fat content than regular milk.  The fat will bind with the snow to keep the snow cream a solid texture rather than milk making the snow cream a wet consistency.   I also figured if the heavy cream became too solid I could cut the mixture with water.  Secondly, Splenda and I no longer consider ourselves BFFs.  Once upon a time we did everything together…coffees, cocktails, baking…a guilt free relationship or so I thought.  After some research I realize Splenda is just an imposter and deep down comprises of just man made chemicals.  Unfortunately I have a doomsday supply of this junk and am at a lost what to do with it.  So, lacking alternatives I will just use it today.

Usually, you just have to eye ball snow cream to achieve the right consistency.  Today however I tried measuring so as to give you awesome peeps a better idea for the “recipe”.

I dumped my snow into a larger bowl.  I added 3 tablespoons of Splenda, 3 tablespoons of heavy cream and 1/4 tsp of vanilla.  Mixed until all the ingredients mingled with the snow.  I will say, the heavy cream made mingling a bit harder but well worth the effort.

The end product:wpid-20140122_100922.jpg

Delicious!  Tastes like a super cold vanilla shake : )


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