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Today I made chili

on January 23, 2014

We still have snow : )

I don’t think I delved into my whole snow-fascination in the previous posts so I will catch you up now.

I live in an area where we get the white stuff so infrequently that we panic when the weather man utters the word flurries.  When we do get snow (and I mean it could be as little as 1 inch) a mad rush to the grocery store for milk and bread ensues and schools/businesses close up shop.  Partly because our transient population and the accidents that occurs.  Partly because our daytime temperatures rarely stay at or below freezing so usually our snow just turns into ice.  Partly because we don’t want to get stranded at the circus and have to spend the night with the lions (this really happened!).

That’s just how we roll.

So for me, it’s easy to get school-girl excited about the white stuff.

I braved Wal-Mart at 5 pm the night of the storm.  At that point, the temperature dropped about 20-30 degrees in the matter of an hour or two and the rain had set in.  I had a slue of recipes I wanted to make and needed to get all the supplies.

OMG…the place was packed!  And people had their rude attitudes on!

That’s ok.  I had packed my patience and sunny disposition.  Besides, snow was coming so I was on Cloud 9 inches.

I braved all the aisles that housed the items I needed.  By the time I arrived at the store, eggs were scarce, all the water shelves were bare and I didn’t even have the heart to venture down the bread aisle…I could just envision little old ladies fighting over the last loaves…bumper car hoverounds , canes a flying, frail elbows turned into weapons, gray hair pulling, shin kicking…it would have been ugly…and I probably would have lost money on the side aisle betting.

I faced Wal-Mart at the darkest of hours…and walked away victorious…with all the supplies for chili… : )

Ok…confession time.  I probably should have made the chili yesterday but I ate snow cream…for breakfast….and lunch….and dinner…and snacks in between…oh, and midnight snack.  As such, chili got pushed to today.

I opted to make a low carb (lc) chili…I’ve been doing the lc thing for about a week and am down 10 lbs…boo yah! 🙂

And yes, this is my first time making chili from scratch…Mr. Hormel used to make chili for me and package it in very convenient cans.  Mr. Hormel does buy into the lc diet so he’s kicked to the curb.

Veggie-tarians…you may wish to stop reading here.

I found the recipe for Caveman Chili.  First of all, this is a caveman after my own heart.  He measures his ingredients down to the gram!!  Oh I just love his precision!!

The recipe calls for bacon…Bacon?!  I don’t know whether to do a jig or run scared.  It also calls for ground pork.  That’s a lot of pork for one bowl…So I made some changes:

  • I added WAY more onion and green pepper…as in, they were the first ingredients to go in (per the recipe) so there was an inch layer of onions and inch layer of green peppers…carbs consciousness to the curb…how bad can veggies really be for ya?
  • I used half pork and half beef
  • I forgot to pick up the chili seasoning…that was too close to the bread aisle…so I used a package of taco seasoning as a base and added more chili powder, garlic and whatever else fell out of the spice cabinet
  • They guy had no liquid in the recipe…I guess I like my chili a bit more soupy so I added some beef broth.

The chili simmered all day and was ready just in time for supper. : )  Perfect for Day 3 of Snowpocalypse 2014.wpid-20140123_175007.jpg

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