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Today I did a World’s Smallest Jigsaw Puzzle

on January 24, 2014

wpid-20131230_110650.jpgSo, the Compact Puzzler rocks!  After completing my first puzzle, I am HOOKED!!

So much so, I contacted the company!

I’d only seen the puzzles at Barnes and Noble but they dont always carry them so I wanted to know if they sold them somewhere else and how many more they made.  I received a response in a day (wow!) where they responded they only sell them at Barnes and Noble and they make 10 puzzles.

10 puzzles?!


*hipper ventilate*

That’s only like 2 weeks worth of puzzles for me!!

At first, I figured my really cool Compact Puzzler would just gather dust on my book shelf once I worked all the puzzles.  What a bummy thought!

Oh wait!!  There’s a world full of jigsaw puzzles…all sizes…surly I could find some to fit my Puzzler (about the size of a piece of paper)!!!

On to Amazon I go!

And I found the absolute neatest puzzle!!!  The World’s Smallest Jigsaw Puzzle!!!  It’s 234 pieces that make up a 4×6 puzzle…and they include tweezers to handle the pieces!!!  Talk about a challenge 🙂  OOoo…the harder the better!

I clicked buy before I even realized!

But then had to wait the agonizing 6 days to receive it in the mail…Those were some dark, dark days…

Then the puzzle arrived!! 🙂  I skipped from the mailbox to the house!

*V8 Smack on the forehead*….I had already done something new for the day!!  I made the chili!!


Curse you crock pot goodness!!

So I had to wait for the next day…but I had to work that day…

Curse you roof over my head!!

I counted down until I could clock out and race home…good thing there was ice on the roads so I could ski home!  (just kidding…I didn’t ski home in the truck…that would be dangerous and irresponsible..I just slid home).

I burst through the door and headed straight for my puzzle board.  I didn’t have to worry about fixing supper…I’ve got enough chili to last until next winter.

I carefully ripped open the box, poured the pieces into the side trays and began my evening in puzzle paradise 🙂

I love the size of this puzzle…it’s just so little!  The tweezers are not really needed but a great marketing tool.

I’ve added all the other designs of this puzzle to my Amazon wishlist.  : )





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