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Today I made a newspaper bow

on January 25, 2014

I had to wrap some birthday presents today.  And I opted to use the worlds best ever wrapping paper!:  Sunday Comics!

The best presents come wrapped in comics!  The contents are guaranteed to be a toy or something fun.  I mean, who would ever wrap a boring gift in comics?!   Never gonna happen!

And the comics are colorful, easy to tear into, and a totally green option 🙂


After wrapping,  the gifts needed something more to be complete. ..a bow!  I tried several bows I have but none looked good on the presents.  The color of the new bows overpowered the pastelly comics so I wondered if I could make a bow out of newspaper too.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I yahooed to see if anyone else had done such a bow.  Sure enough, several blog/DIY sites had tutorials for making newspaper bows.

I took a section of newspaper, folded it in half without creasing it and secured one end with tape.  Then cut strips without cutting all the way through and rolled the strip allowing the cuts to create the bow loops.

Now, this took several tries.  Here’s the less than perfect ones:

And here is the finished product:

Kinda cool, huh? 🙂


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