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Today I knitted fabric ruffle yarn

on January 26, 2014

It’s Downton Abbey night! 🙂

That means planting myself in a comfy spot to knit while watching the transpirings of the Crowleys and their staff.

Raise your hands if your heart just absolutely aches for Anna and Mr. Bates!!

I know, right?!wpid-20140127_212600.jpg

I purchased this yarn a few days ago and decided to reserve the project for tonight.  Isn’t the fabric just the sweetest?!  Oddly enough, the cuff failed to have a pattern so I’ll just wing it.

Raise your hands if it just scorches your Eggos when yarn companies don’t include patterns with their yarn!!

Not as many as you but….I know, right?!

I usually knit these types of scarves 7-8 stitches wide.  I began with 7 just to see  how that would work out.  Initially I skipped a loop between each stitch however that made the scarf too wide.

This attempt I kept the scarf 7 stitches wide but knitted each loop.wpid-20140127_215849.jpgI like the width of the scarf and love how the fabric cascades.  To me though the scarf feels heavy and bulky in the center.

I wondered if I reduced the stitches and tried again skipping a loop between each knit would alleviate that problem.  I’ve accomplished quite a bit on this scarf so rather than take this one apart, I’ll do what all crafters do…

Break out the other one I bought!

A crafter rarely can buy just one of something…

With this one, I used 4 stitches and skipped a loop.  The scarf is definitely lighter however I’m not sure how I feel about the cascades.  They do seem a bit more flirty than the fist scarf.wpid-20140128_195926.jpg

I will finish knitting the black floral scarf to see how that evolves.

I also have to see how this episode of Downton Abbey evolves.  : )

I cannot believe we are half way through this season already?!  DA seasons go by so fast!

Oh, and just a little side note…I found this tonight on the DA Facebook page:

DA bag

New craft bag?! : )


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