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Today I went to a Natural Market

on January 27, 2014

This morning started with an unusual weather forecast: a huge snow storm was on the way.  I prepared my day’s to do list, now adding in an important stop to the grocery store for the obligatory milk, bread and tp.

My errands led me out to the oceanfront, pretty far off my typical paths.  After one of my stops, while waiting for a street light to turn green, I noticed a Natural Market store directly across the street.

I thought to myself, “Self, you’ve never been to a Natural Market store!  Why live in curiosity?!”wpid-20140127_132037.jpg

So I opted to check it out.

Upon entering, the store is set up like any grocery store.  I started in the produce section . The selection of veggies impressed me!  Squash, potatoes, onions…they had oodles of kale…too bad, I had oodles of kale at home myself.  I noticed they had slightly higher pricing than the average store but several signs through out the section says all their produce is organic.  In that case, their prices were reasonable.

I then wandered through the aisles.  The first aisle had self service bulk bins in which you could buy treats, flours, seasonings, teas, etc by the pound.  How neat!  I didn’t know half of the stuff and started to feel a bit lost…then I spied they had gummies and felt instantly grounded.  The next couple aisles housed the prepackaged foods.  Some brands I could easily recognize, some completely new.  In my ambling through the store, I happened to find the sweetener section.  I still struggle with finding an alternative to Splenda and figured I could find a good Stevia product.  They have quite the selection but I just could not decide on one.

I’m not sure what I anticipated to find at the store but every aisle just amazed me.  They have a vegan/vegetarian/juice bar café in the back of the store.  I pondered getting something but that would be too many something news in one day.  I’ll save that for another visit : )  They had holistic pet food, cleaning products like cleaning sponges made from coconut husks, local, organic wines…they even have kombucha!   I’ve never had the fermented tea before but from what I read, it’s good and good for you.  But with so many choices, I just couldn’t decide.

About this time, a very nice lady approached me and asked if there was something I needed help finding.  I panicked!  I guess I looked as out of place as I felt.

But of course, I would never admit it…

So I grabbed the first thing closest to me and said “Nope, just found it….I was looking for…this package of …(reading off the package but trying to look like I wasn’t) vegan…jerky…treats”.

I could see her asking herself if I knew that she knew that I know nothing about vegan jerky treats.  Hmmm…I wondered if she knew that I knew that she knows that I know nothing so I added “Oh look!  Y’all have the red AND green packages.  I just love…the…red (again, slyly reading off the package)…the SPICY flavored.  It’s just so yummy!”  I politely said “Thank you so much for asking” and sealed my appreciation with my winning smile.

She either bought my act or figured I needed more help than she could offer and went back to her work.

I dawdled down the aisle as if I still knew what I was doing.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I truly appreciated her offer to help…but I didn’t even know what help to ask for!

And the store continues!  They have one whole aisle dedicated to vitamins and supplements.  Like a mini GNC.  Then onto body care.  I remembered there is a face cream recipe that I want to make that required shea butter.  Sure enough they have some…they even have several scents.  I knew for the recipe I probably needed unscented but I smelled the mango & coconut smell and could not put it down, unless into my cart.  The scent is called Sunshine and I swear I wish I could share with all you awesome peeps…it’s absolutely heavenly!

I had reached the end of the store which has a book corner, jewelry display and then several therapeutic services.  For instance, there was a psychic named Holley who had a small table surrounded by a partition where she could do readings for $1.75 a minute.  A psychic on duty!  Wow…not that I believe in psychics…but have always been curious…so yah, I thought about getting a reading but….

Well, ok…I did get a reading.  I paid for 5 minutes where she told me I would be pregnant with a boy later this year and he would be quite the handful…so much so I would probably not want another child.



not me!…my kids will be angels….sweet little angels…with halos over their head and everything!

….You know, sometimes you have to take these kind of things with a grain of salt….

HANDFUL?!  Noooooo…not my baby!  She must have gotten my baby’s spirit mixed up with someone else…besides, I’m determined to have a girl : )

Hmmm…maybe I need to get the Lavender scented shea butter to begin my relaxation now…

Overall, I found the store absolutely intriguing.  I came across several products that I had seen mentioned on holistic blogs but didn’t know enough to actually buy.  I will make sure to do my due research and have a list when I return : )


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