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Today I made a snow ruler

on January 28, 2014

I’m over the moon!!

On Saturday, the weather man said we may get some snow on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.  Yippee!!

By Sunday morning, he said NO chance of snow.  Bummer!

Welcome to the weather in my area.

Come Monday morning, I’m watching the morning news and the local weather man eluded we may get snow but failed to mention any accumulation amounts.  Fast forward 30 minutes…Al Roker stated a huge winter storm was a brewin’ and we were slated to get 8-12 inches.

8 TO 12 INCHES?!?!  Within the next 24-48 hours!!

We RARELY get anything above an inch or two…so, 8 TO 12 INCHES?!?!  And….like….TOMORROW?!?!

I was in shock!  Absolute shock!

So it’s 7:30 pm and I’m waiting here in the house…milk/bread/toilet paper all acquired…I went around and freshly cleaned all the windows that I’m presently glued to (inside and out…so as to get the best view!)

Needless to say I’m eagerly anticipating this epic snow.

The snow was scheduled to start around 3 pm.  I finally saw some glimmers of flakes floating through the air at about 5 pm.  They were sooo cute!!  They just took their time, ambling around, just gracefully dancing…as if not in any rush to actually land.

Very similar to this ubber cute song.

Since the snow seems a little slower coming than originally thought, I figured I had time for a project.  I wanted to make a measuring device for the snow so I could monitor exactly how much we get : )

I rummaged around the house looking for items I could use.  I wanted a ruler that could stand on it’s own and something I can reuse.  I found 2 paint stirs and a ruler I could do without.wpid-20140128_193920.jpg

Perfect!!  Now, in my craft vision, I wanted to cross the paint sticks and nail through them and the bottom of the ruler.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any finishing nails BUT I do have super glue…totally the same thing.

So I glued the two paint sticks together…using the ruler to ensure precisely centered, of course!wpid-20140128_194324.jpg

Then filed the end of the ruler that would be affixed to the crossed sticks to ensure the best adhesion.  Yes, I used a nail file…

Confession: I filed the wrong end.  I wanted to ruler to read 1 at the bottom and 12 at the top.  No worries…I just filed the other end and sealed the error end with clear nail polish so the moisture would not damage the ruler.

Golly, this is sounding more like a manicure than a craft project!

I tested and the crossed sticks are secure…woohoo!  I then put glue on the bottom of the ruler and held it in place on the cross sticks until it too was secure.  Then as an added measure, I ran a bead of glue along each side of the ruler at the base to further secure it to the cross sticks.wpid-20140128_194714.jpgViola!  A snow ruler!

Yes…your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  In the background, on top of the microwave…that truly is the infamous Vitamix blender…still in the box.

Luckily we have snow so I can now to test it out:

wpid-20140128_195106.jpgWe had already gotten a bit of snow so I had to skooch it into the snow to place firmly on the ground.  Skooch…totally the technical term!

wpid-storageextSdCardDCIMCamera2014-01-28-22.17.59.jpg.jpg{As of 10 pm – not the clearest picture but I was shivering!!  burr : )}


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