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Today I made a snow angel

on January 31, 2014


What?!  I messed up snow?!

Yes…yes I did…

I came home from work to see my lovely new white lawn blanket of snow melting away.

Cue Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch’s infamous line “I’m meltingggg”.

How sad to see something so beuatiful and cool just slowly disappear…and leave no traces of it’s existence behind?!

Normally,I leave the snow in it’s pristine manner for as long as possible.  Why mess with perfection?  Also, I’m normally only lucky enough to get an inch or two…why mess it up? I don’t make snowman…again, he’d use up all the snow and would be so little.

Considering we receieved a good amount (7.5 inches) and I could see the snow dying, why not do something different?!

I made a snow angel!

I changed my clothes and headed back out to the front yard.  I found a good area that seemed to have a thick amount of white stuff, turned around and did the “fall of trust” with the ground.


Oh, I think these bones of mine may be a bit old for this!

As I laid there, I did a quick internal check…yep, I’m good…may pay for that trick later but for now, all systems go! 🙂

I squished my head back to make a good head impression…a hat would have been a good idea.

As I started to move my arms and legs I realized the snow was no longer sweet powder but had turned hard and icy.  It gave quite the unexpected resistance!

The same with my legs…who’d a thunk this would turn into a workout as well….

When I stood up, I was drenched!

And chilled to the bone!

I looked back at my angel…not necessarily the neat angel I had in my head.

But it’ll do until the next snowfall….hopefully soon?!

I’ve ramped up my snow dancing to snow zumbaing hoping to get another blessing of snow 🙂


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