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Today I attended my first knit meetup

on February 2, 2014

A dear friend has been inviting me to a knitting group that meets every Sunday at a coffee shop.  My weekend schedules gets wacky and I never seem to be able to make it…

But I made it today : )

Actually, I think my husband concocted a conspiracy because we just happen to HAVE to meet the boyfriend of the dear friend at the coffee shop shortly before the meetup was to begin in order to “pick up something”.   They swear the meeting was totally organic…pardon me if I’m a bit skeptical…I mean, they did do a high five over supper (after the meetup) to celebrate their victory but then played it off it was so not planned!

In Super Bowl terms, they initiated a play that happened to get the ball to the end zone but then acted like “What?!  Oh, you mean we got a touchdown?!  That was so not planned…”

Now, please do not misunderstand me…I’ve always wanted to go to the meetup.  It’s just these ladies do real knitting.  They whip out hats, afghans, totes, sweaters, etc with the ease of making a sandwich or something.  My knitting consists of ruffle scarves…one stitch, no gauge concerns, and I only make scarves with them…totally easy even a teacup poodle could do it.  I happen to have one and she absolutely could…she just feels knitting would interfere with her nap times.


So, I figured the first time I went I would have started a true knitting project so I could fit in.  I never leave home without a craft project but today, I only packed my tatting supplies because I wanted to finish the earrings I started yesterday.  I’m just thrilled tatting with beads turned out so easy…so of course I’m now consumed with it.

Everyone was so nice and welcoming.  And of course they didn’t mind I wasn’t knitting.  Most knitted, some crocheted…one lady worked on an embroidery project (freehand no less!).  I loved seeing the variety of projects everyone knitted.

But they all had an unexpected talent…they could carry on conversations while they crafted…What?!  I’m not that ambidextrous!   When my crafts activate the right side of my brain, my left side goes on vacation…or takes a nap.  So I’m sure I came across as antisocial by not joining the conversation…

Anyhoo, long story short…lesson 1…don’t talk yourself out of something you want to do because of concerns of being good enough (or you will fall prey to a shady plot)…lesson 2…brain exercises to multitask while crafting…lesson 3…don’t be cute while you are napping…cause I will snap your picture!

Oh…this is what I made…same as yesterday…just more bling : )



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