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Today I opened the Vitamix

on February 3, 2014

I looked at the reciept…I bought this blender 4 months ago….

4 months…120 days… 360 meals…2880 hours…a bazillion calories I could have saved and could have been enjoying smoothies, soups, ice cream…

That’s not the longest I have gone not opening something.  I have an iRobot floor washer that I found for a steal over a year ago.  With four dogs, two cats, a bunny and laminate flooring, I could use all the help I can get keeping my floor cleans.

But there it sits…

Not opening the Vitamix has been the subject of many laughs among friends.  I almost didn’t want to open it and lose the entertainment value.

But alas…I opened it…

The box opened quite nicely.  Then I realized…I’ve committed…it’s truly mine.

The base…that joker weighs a ton!

As soon as I set the blender up, I stood back and admired it.

It’s open…it’s there on my counter…wow!

I situated it perfectly square on the counter.

I then pushed up the on switch.  Oh!  The blades began turning!  Not sure why that startled me…but it did.

The motor just purred…

Hmmm…. it may not be good to run the blender without anything in it so I turned it off.

And then just stood there…just in awe.

What am I doing?  This is a Vitamix!…The beast of blenders!…alittle dry running shouldn’t hurt it, right?!

So, I turned it back on.  I then gingerly turned the knob up to 4 and the blades whizzed into warp speed.

Woah!  That’s a lot of speed…too much power for me right now…I returned it to 1…I cannot even imagine it at 10!

I think I’m afraid I’m going to break it.  Or ruin it…before I even have a chance to make something edible.  I also haven’t read the instructions so I’m just being wild and crazy!

Ok, I have officially, completely deboxed the Vitamix!  The Vitamix has found its forever home…Now what do I do?

Wash it!  The Vitamix way!

I put some water in the blender and added a drop of liquid dish soap.  I secured the top to the blender…

Woah!  The blender top has straps to hold it to the container!  That’s pretty serious!

I started on 1 and the mixture became frothy.  I bumped it up to 4 and instantly the mixture turned white…I wanted the mixture to reach the top so I cranked it up…all…the…way…to 10.

I swear the walls of the kitchen shook!


Do you see that?  That’s just water and soap and it looks like a vanilla milk shake!  The soap bubble fused with the water!


I should change the blog title to Today I played scientist!

That’s it!!!  I cannot take anymore excitement and thrills for today.

Making something edible will take me some time…but I promise not 172,800 minutes!


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