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Today I got more than a makeover

on February 4, 2014

Oh what a night!

Two weeks ago, I won a raffle in which I got a makeover and $30 worth of product from the Mary Kay Success Center.  Now, a couple disclaimers… (1) I used to sell MK but have been out of the biz for over a year…and still have quite a bit of product (2) I know by offering the makeover, they hope to upsell.  Completely understandable…they are in the business to sell and MK offers a great opportunity and excellent products.

I seriously considered not attending because again I still have skin care products to last me until the zombie apocolypse and even then will have extra to supply the zombie population skin care to preserve their rotting facial flesh.  I have no other survival skills so that’s my plan.

Additionally, I limit my driving outside my city at night because I’m becoming a fuddy duddy at the ripe age of 30 something.  But I thought about you awesome peeps, about trying to say yes to more opportunities that come my way and really, who can turn down playing with makeup!

It was a whirlwind getting there.  The studio is about 45 minutes away from my house.  I got off work, hit the post office to mail some packages that needed to go out today (more ebay sales…wahoo!), ran home to take care of my herd, did a brief skim of the MK catalog online to refamiliarize myself with the products, love on all the pups and then run out the door to make it to the studio 15 minutes ahead.  Well, I ran out the door so fast, I forgot my keys.  Ran back in…pet the pups again…and then ran out.  Then realized I forgot my phone…ran back in…pet the pups again…and then out the door.

I’m tuckered out just writing all of that! t

I ran into traffic so I got to the studio 10 minutes late.  I had a hard time finding the studio in the dark and realized I ended up passing it twice.  On the 3rd pass I saw the sign and just turned into the parking lot beside the studio.  I hurried in and luck would have it, they were just beginning!

I expected the makeover would be a 1 on 1 session with the consultant.  Instead, it was a consultant meeting that they invited guests to so some of the consultants could have practice doing various parts of the makeover.  In a room of about 20+ people we, the guests, had to introduce ourselves and give one fun fact about ourselves.  I mentioned I tat which received the usual quizzical looks. I know what goes across people’s minds…tattooing.   I totally understand.  Tatting is far from the mainstream.  But I always try to share it because I feel as a tatter, one naturally needs to be an embassador for the craft.  So bring on the quizzical looks 🙂

We then went into another room which had several mirrored stations set up.  We demoed practically the whole skin care line, several new color products and sampled many of the perfumes and body creams.  In the short time I have been out, MK has released some really cool products and awesome colors. I loved the new eye shadow crayons!

At the end of the makeover we returned to the group of consultants, stood in front of them and stated what our favorite product was and what our favorite part of the night was.  I had one answer for both questions: finding the perfect foundation shade for my skin.  You would have thought I knew my shade but I always just tried to cover my flaws with darker makeup.  Instead MK foundations are meant to match your undertone which evens out your skin tone.  I learned something new!  The lighter color brightens my face and evened my coloring.  I’m happay happay happay!!!

The rest of the meeting were sales recognition.  Oh my golly, some ladies are really finding excellent success in their businesses!

I will say I’ve always admired the MK culture.  The company promotes positivity, Christian and family values and truly celebrates women.  All the ladies at the meet were so bubbly and friendly…it almosts makes you want to be a part of their clique. Almost…

I had a great time at the makeover.  Little did I know my night was no where near over.

So, as you remeber I ran late and just parked in the lot beside the studio.  Well, that lot didn’t belong to the studio’s building.  Instead, it belongs to the car dealership behind the studio.  The car dealership secured their lot by parking two large SUVs in the only exit of that lot.

I was stuck in the parking lot!!  There were no options to run over curbs to escape and no other ways to get out.  I was stuck…blocked in…no where to go…what a pickle to be in!!!

I went back inside and explained my vinegar cucumber mess that I seemed to be in.

The ladies immediately put on their pink hero capes and tried to help.  They said the dealership closes at 9 pm and with it being 9:05 pm surly someone would still be there and they called…No luck 😦

They said there is usually a security guard on duty who patroles and should be around…We went out to search…No luck 😦

They called the police thinking maybe they would have an emergency number on file to contact someone…No luck 😦

One of the consultants walked around the car lot property to see if they could find another exit…No luck 😦

Oh, and did I mention it was raining? Yah…totally a mess. But there wasn’t a racoon eye in the bunch! Go MK mascara!

In the end, one of the consultants offered me a ride to my home which happens to be close to where she lives. (I got to ride in an infamous Pink Cadillac!!) In the morning, I will get a ride to the dealership when they open to hopefully get my truck out of prison.

You know, overall this blog has enriched my life tremendously.   I’ve exposed myself (and you awesome peeps) to some unique experiences and met some great people along the way.  It’s also a fascinating documentation of my I Love Lucy kinda life!  All I needed was a trusty bestie named Ethel and I think this could totally rival the candy factory conveyor belt snafu episode.

When I came home hubbie said in an unexpected cuban voice “You left here with a truck but you return and no truck?!  Erica, yo got some ‘splaining to do!!”

Picture from this morning to show the blockage:


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