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Today I washed dishes – rustic style

on February 6, 2014

I’m spoiled rotten…it’s ok…I own it 🙂

I love my dishwasher.

I used to think hand washing dishes got your dishes the cleanest.  I always used scalding hot water and ole blue Dawn soap.  And no gloves…I needed to feel the dishes to ensure no crusty food particles (example: dried cheese grits!) When drying, I performed the squeak test to ensure cleanliness and sparkliness (word invention?!)!  My dish cabinet gleamed when you opened the door!

In my first house, the remodler asked where did I want the dishwasher.   I responded “I don’t need no stinky dishwasher…I AM the dishwasher.”

He put it right next to the sink.

I skeptically used it once.  I loaded the dishes,  poured in the solution, shut the door and told the machine “Good luck sucka!”

I stood over it as it wished and washed and made all kinds of watery sounds.  Then the button popped indicating the machine was done.  I opened the door and heat and steam enveloped me.

Woah!  This thing does facials too?!

Now, I use very hot water but my dishes have never coming steaming hot from the dish water.  Then, I performed the squeak test and the dishes passed with flying colors.  And I had no dishpan hands!!

Ok, I concede…a dishwasher CAN clean better than I…

Since that day I no longer wash dishes by hand.  In fact, I won’t buy any dishes, cups or bottles that aren’t dishwasher safe.

So, what happened today you ask?  Well, since our beautiful snow the septic system has been struggling.  I’ll spare you all the fun details but this week it got to the point I couldn’t do any laundry or dishes.

I lasted 3 days and finally I couldn’t take the dirty dishes laying in the sink any longer!

They taunted me each time I walked by saying things like “Try to squeak us now!” and “Aren’t we just gleemy?!”.

I devised a plan!  I used my super huge popcorn bowl to make dishwater.  I took another serving bowl and made rinse water.  I grabbed my cleaning gloves…surprised ya huh?  I told ya I’ve become spoiled!  And started tackling the dishes.

I bet you think the next step is drying and putting them away.  Nah nah!  They went straight into the dishwasher for an official cleaning (when the septic system is back online)!

What do I look like?!  The dishwasher?!


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