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Today I cut (and consumed) a fresh pineapple

on February 7, 2014

My pineapple, along with most of my fruits and veggies, come from a can.

Call me lazy…it’s ok…I’ll answer.

Some how in surfing the waves of the internet I stumbled upon how to cut a pineapple.  Cutting a pineapple is wicked crazy dude!  Hang 10!

Then I searched how to pick a pineapple because before I only knew you pick a can without dents and checked for the freshest date.  Seems everyone has THE surefire way to nail the best pineapple.  I made some notes and headed to the store.

1.  The squeeze test – you squeeze the pineapple and it should give alittle but not a lot.
Result: first of all, pineapples have prickles!  Kinda ouchie!  I squeezed one, then another, then another…ok, I squeezed them all.  All seemed to give the same amount so maybe there’s something to this tip but I still cannot tell which pineapple is “the one”.
2.  The smell test – you should smell the pineapple and it should smell sweet…not vinegary.
Result: I sniffed each one.  None of them had a smell that I could tell.  I smelled the base and the top…and because I’m just so graceful one of the pineapple leaves stuck the inside of my nose.  Real ouchie!  I think this rule is totally for the amusement of the surrounding customers!
3. The color test – look for golden yellow  , not reddish brown.
Result: Now some I can denote some differences!  Some were brown, some yellow at the bottom…
4. The appearance test – avoid wrinkled skin, brown leaves, rot or mold, cracks
Result: well, I could see a few rot indicators so those pineapples definitely got the boot.  The rest seemed to all have wrinkled skin.  More elimination needed!
5.  The leaf method – Try to pull a leaf from the head.  It should resist a little.
Result:  I pulled…and pulled…and pulled…no leaves came out…they ALL resisted…or I’m a weakling.
6.  The weight method – It should be heavy
Result: I could find some differnces in their weight.  I gathered all the pineapples into my cart and weighed each one.  The guy next to me gave me a strange look…I had two options (1) mind my business (2) tell him what I’m doing.
“I look stange don’t I?!  Well, I’m throwing a tropical midevil party and we will have a pineapple catapolt contest. I need to make sure I get the comperable weighted ones.”
He gave me a strange look, grabbed some random potatoes and rushed away.
I guess he didn’t want an invite!

Ok, so I combined all my selection methods and decided on one.  The selectee was mostly green, the head leaves looked good, seemed to be the densest, and looked the best.


When I came home I beheaded the pineapple.  Sorry Mr. Pineapple!

I cut the bottom off…beheaded and bebutted!  Poor Mr. Pineapple!

Then I skinned him…I took my knife and cut right behind the “eyes”.  Wow…how brutal!


Oh the smell!  Deliciousness in the air!!  I swear rays of sunshine shone from the pineapple with every cut!

Then I cut me a slice…and yes that is a bite mark in the slice…I could not resist!

Let me just say canned pinepples suck!  Oh my golly!  Fresh pineapples have more flavor, more juice, more body (fibers), a creamier texture and more yellowiness.

And way more yumminess!

I could have eaten the whole thing!  But I restrained myself…I only ate a portion of it…

7/8 to be exact!


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