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Today I tatted a new bookmark pattern

on February 8, 2014

I’ve only known how to tat one pattern of bookmark.

I love making them however in my tatting pattern research I discovered this bookmark is just basic.

With my new tatting skills I want to expand my horizons.

I found this tatting pattern for a beautiful bookmark and figured I could give it a whirl.

I settled into my comfy chair, put the Olympics on, and loaded my shuttle.  I chose size 30 crochet thread.  I favor smaller threads.

The pattern began super easy…3 rings…got it.  Then we get to a chain.  I’ve been working on mastering the taut finger wrap and I finally got it!  When I wrap the thread around my pinkie, I have to wrap the thread on top of one another so the thread doesn’t slip.

So I breezed through the chain 🙂

I pattern repeats itself so after a while I stopped referring to the pattern.

I got wrapped up in a speed skating race and made a newb mistake!  I closed a ring before I completed it!



There’s nothing worse!  And no easy undo.

Georgia Seitz, a well known tatter, offers advice on her website to fixed premature closed rings…don’t do it!  She speaks wisdom…

I’ve been in this boat before.  When I was just learning tatting, my grandmother would reopen them for me.  I have no idea how she accomplished it other than she did some voodoo magic.  I even had some where the slip knot flipped to become a true knot (which is almost always terminal for a project) and she could get them out!  I could certainly use her magic now!

Luckily,  the ring didn’t close completely.  I had some wiggle room 🙂  However the ring was too small to fit the shuttle through and each time I tried to reopen the ring, the knot flipped and prevented the slippage.  I took all the thread off the shuttle so I could squeeze the thread through the small opening.  I used a twist tie to keep the thread together.  I deconstructed about 4 double stitches and the knots allowed the thread to open.

Yah!!  Project saved! 🙂


This little error cost me several hours.  I have learned long ago, when I make a mistake, I just have to walk away from the project for a little while.  Otherwise it ends up sailing across the room.  Or a worse knotted mess.  Or abandoned all together.

Besides, snowboarding is coming on and I need to live vicariously through the snowboarders.  I swear snowboarding will be my something new one day…but in my case I may need to change the name to snowfalling!

At any rate, stay tuned for the completed picture. 🙂
Finished during Downton Abbey 🙂


4 responses to “Today I tatted a new bookmark pattern

  1. vecinana says:

    That is one beautiful bookmark. Where did you find the pattern?

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