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Today I saw the ODU Symphony Orchestra

on February 9, 2014

I know some pretty cool awesome peeps!

One of my friends plays violin in the Old Dominion University Symphony Orchestra and she invited me to their Sunday afternoon concert in the arboretum.

I arrived a little while before the concert began.  I was able to wish her well before she gathered with the other musicians and then her boyfriend and I took our seats.  We just chit chatted while everyone got settled before the concert began.

To begin the concert, the conductor came out and explained the pieces the orchestra was going to perform.  We were still kinda chit chatting and I guess the guy across from us didn’t like it so he gave us an ugly look.  I saw but the look didn’t register with me at first…I mean, I’ve never been called down for talking in my life…surly he meant that for someone behind us.

Well, we continued talking in a hushed voice but just a sporadic sentence here and there.  Wouldn’t ya know… the guy gave us a hideous look.

Ok, I took note of that one.

But I had one more thing to say…and it was witty…and needed to be said right then…I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  You have something to say but know you shouldn’t speak but the words are formed right there in your mouth and you try to bite your tongue but the words suddenly have energy of their own and you cannot settle them down and you open your mouth just to breathe and they come spilling out.  So I spoke my zinger and sure enough I he shot me a grotesque look!

Me?!  An ugly look?!  For talking?!   Those who know me describe me as reserved,  quiet and maybe shy.  Sometimes I am…until I warm up I guess…so someone nonverbally scolding me for talking is absolutely preposterous!

I wanted to say: Look dude…if you are so concerned about truly appreciating the concert then why don’t you take a seat like a proper person.  And if you are SO into this concert, then where is your program?!  See, I have one!  I made a special trip to go get it.  And if you HAD said program, you would have already read everything the conductor is saying.  But no, you and your sassy looks think you’re just someone so freaking special that you are gonna stand, leaning against the ledge and then pass judgement against the rest of us for enjoying the concert like we want.

What actually came out was:  (in a hushed voice) Sorry!

The musicians began playing music and we sat in silence the rest of the concert.

I’m not very musically inclined so I just enjoyed it for the music for it’s beauty.  Here is a snippet

My friend performed awesomely!  She made the whole symphony! 🙂

On the way home, I uncharacteristically turned my radio to the classical station.  I don’t know why…it just felt right.  And  during the strings parts, I played air violin going down the road.

Maybe I do have a musical bone after all. 🙂


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