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Today I had farm fresh sausage

on February 10, 2014

On Friday, a friend posted on Facebook that her dad made farm fresh sausage and were selling bags of it.  The offer was first come, first serve.

From what I could tell from previous postings, this sausage rocks and you have to be whack-a-mole fast to get a chance to buy some!  A few months back, she posted and I tried to respond as fast as I could…I missed the cut off by 2 other peeps!   2 other peeps!

So, I’ve been practicing at Chuckie Cheese to be ready for the next offer…

My chance came last week.  She posted there were 14 bags available.

All my practice paid off!  I scored a bag!

*victory dance*

I saw her on Friday and we did a parking lot exchange…I always feel like I’m doing shady business when I meet people in parking lots to perform a transaction.  I have alot of this experience from selling on craiglist …I said “Psst….you got the goods?”. She said “Yes…you got the dough?”. I had my five dollar bill rolled up to make the transaction easier. I peeked in the bag to confirm the product. “We good?” she asked. “We’re good…now this didn’t happen you see…if you squeal you’ll find yourself swimin with the guppies ya hear?!” She nodded and we both sped off in opposite directions…her in her minivan…I in my Ford Fiesta (rental car).


Today I had the time to cook a proper breakfast.  I fried up some sausage patties and some eggs.

I could tell a big difference between store bought and farm fresh.  I cannot describe the exact difference other than it tasted fresher.  Also,  this sausage was meatier and didn’t have as much filler.

Anyhoo, I’m back to my whack-a-mole training program to stay in shape for next time! 🙂


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