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Today I made a Shirley Temple

on February 11, 2014

Shirley Temple passed away today at age 85. May we all live to be 85+!!

I’ve loved Shirley Temple movies since elementary school.  On Saturday morning I didn’t watch cartoons…I watched black and white Shirley Temple movies.  My favorite is called The Blue Bird…not one of her popular movies but a gem nonetheless.

I realized I’ve never made a Shirley Temple and haven’t had one since I toddled around.  I looked up the recipe, obtained the ingredients (Ginger Ale, Lemon-Lime soda, Grenadine and cherries) and added them all up to equal a Shirley Temple.


I opted for diet sodas instead of the high octane versions.

Did you know Grenadine is a simple syrup from pomegranates?!  I assumed it originated from cherries…

I’ve done something new and learned something new!

Woah!!  Too much in just one day!

I made need to take my Shirley Temple and veg out watching a Shirley Temple movie.

Here’s to Shirley Temple…a star has soared to Heaven…


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