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Today I made a special pizza crust

on February 13, 2014

It’s special because it’s gluten free, low carb, and grain free.  That would have been quite a long title!

I’ve been dying for PIZZA!!  Almost as much as last night with sweets.  I blame all these cravings on the weather…we recieved 2 inches of snow yesterday but within hours rain came in and washed it away.  We are supposed to see some flakes tonight but won’t amount to anything.  So all this disappointment of no lasting snow requires comfort food!!!

Ok…I feel I need to say my disclaimer…I love snow!  I do snow dancing, snow praying, snow hoping, snow everything!  But I caveat my snow persuasions that all the snow must be at my house…cause I don’t share snow well.  If you are snowed in and hate it, I’m sorry.  If you are traveling in it, I’m praying for your safety.  But I’m still snow rumba-ing for snow in my yard.

So, back to pizza craving, I found this recipe last night, had all the ingredients and knew this would be awesome for supper!

I used the Vitamix (Yep!  This is the first actual use of the Vitamix!) to process the chicken and cheese together.

Kinda looked like snow floating around the blender…well, not really…that was just delirious thinking.

The Vitamix mixed the ingredients pretty well.  I put the cheese in first however next time I will put the chicken in first.  I think I won’t have to use the tapper as much (first use of the tapper!!).  When I cleaned the Vitamix I realized it was set on variable speed…next time I will use full power (Egads!  If I can handle that much power!).

Then I took my pizza sheet pan and went to cover it with parchment paper…only to realize there was only a 4 inch strip of paper left in the box!!  Who would leave that little of paper?!  Oh yah…probably me…I don’t pinch pennies…I milk them…

Milk is white…snow is white…no snow here though!

Well…this won’t be enough to make a supper size pizza for two…what to do?  Who to call?

Papa Johns!!!

Hawaiian thin crust please!!  Don’t skimp on the cheese!   Cheese seems to be the only white awesomeness I can get my hands…not snow 😦

Nope…not healthy.  I’ll just have to work extra hard tomorrow.

But with the “dough” made, I had to cook it up.  So I used the thin strip and made it long.  I also do not have a roller pin (I see your shocked face…when I cook I always find some tool I need!)  so I pushed it as best as I could with my fingers then used a glass to try to push the dough further.  It’s amazing how this “dough” works up just like real dough.

I cooked it for 12 minutes and then took it out to cool.  I’ll add just some cheese to it to make cheesy sticks.

Done!  🙂  pretty good 🙂  this could have been a good substitute for pizza!

I’ve added a roller pin and put triple stars beside the food processor on my must haves for my kitchen!   The Vitamix performed well (I don’t want to hurt it’s feelings) but I think using a processor would mix the dough easier and less time.

Now… I will console myself with some pizza, cheesy sticks and tatting. 🙂


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