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Today I had quite the Valentine’s Day dinner

on February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day awesome peeps!!  I hope Cupid was good to you.

Ready for my story?!…it’s a doosie!

So, after work today, like a good procrastinator, I raced to the store to obtain a Valentine’s Day gift for hubbie. Now, I did purchase a small gift a few weeks back and it arrived yesterday.  Unfortunately,  the gift didn’t turn out like I wanted and I became concerned hubbie may not like it.

I cannot give, in good consciousness, a bad gift.

Therefore, today I fought the Valentine’s Day procrastinator crowds to get a great gift.  Having the bravery to fight the crowds on the actual holiday should earn you 5+ bonus points.

My husband is a whiskey fanatic…so much so he’s opening a distillery.  As such, here’s the gift:

For those who aren’t avid drinkers (this includes me), anytime you gift a bottle of alcohol that comes in a box, drinkers eyes light up.  In whiskey, while shopping today, I realized a correlation.  All cheap bottles come with just the bottle.  Round boxes indicate the mid priced alcohols.  Square boxes will drain your 401k.  I opted for a round box.  I still said “ouch” at the register but hey, a small price to pay to retain my good gifter status…oh, and yah, my guy is worth it….or so I thought…

There were two types of shoppers in the store at 6 pm on VDay.  The procrastinators (me!) and the sobbers.  I didn’t realize I needed a mop to visit the spirit aisle.  Really, aisle 1 in the spirit section, the sale aisle, a guy trying to pick up a sales clerk…He was crashing and burning….I’m pretty sure his fate was sealed when he said “You know babe, I can see the future…and I see you leaving my apartment tomorrow morning…with a smile on your face…”  You could hear the slap in aisle 15…

Aisle 2, flavored spirits, a nicely dressed lady was a crumpled mess on the floor, wailing.   Luckily, I had some tissues in my purse and handed her one…package…She proceeded to tell me about her cheating husband and how all men stink (she used more expressive language but I think you get the picture)  40 minutes and 40 tissues later, she chose a bottle of Baileys and a pound of chocolate.  A combo to cure any broken heart…

Aisle 3, whiskeys,  that’s my exit from heartbreak alley.  Now, I know nothing about whiskeys…I thought because I attended that distillery tour…I was kinda like an expert…uh, not so much…I stared for a good while, read all the descriptions and still had no clue.  I realized another lady shared the aisle and dazed look with me.
“Any clue?” I asked.
She said “Not a one…”.
I replied “I’ve been to a distillery.”
She said “Does it help to know what to buy?”
I replied “No…not really.”

We stared blankly for alittle while longer.

She said “Did ya see the chick in aisle 2?”
I replied “Yah…so sad!  I felt bad I ran out of tissues!”
She said “Yah…I bought her a 8 pack of paper towels and she went through them in 15 minutes”
“Oh wow…my heart just aches for her…and I feel alittle emotionally drained”
“Same here” she returned.

Then we heard it.  Our ears perked up at and our eyes widened at the same time.  We heard another wailer coming down the aisle…we both just grabbed the first bottle our hands found and we scrambled to exit in the other direction.  My shirt was already tear soaked from the first girl and my tissue supply was depleted…and I don’t know how to handle a guy in tears!

Whew!…close call!  I revise my previous statement..5+ points for gift shopping on a holiday…100+ points for surviving the emotional minefield of Valentine’s Day.

Don’t get me wrong…I’ve spent many a Valentine’s Day alone…I just did my wailing at the craft store…and knitted up handkerchiefs on the spot for all of us wailers to share.

I headed home, we exchanged gifts (I got a board game), and then went to dinner.

Earlier in the week hubbie mentioned a trip to the Thai restaurant.   Since then, it’s all I could think about.  On my way home I mentally planned my order…chicken pad thai or pad prik?  Hmmm….chicken pad thai…extra sweet sauce!  Fresh rolls or no fresh rolls?  Hmmm….fresh rolls…extra sweet sauce!  Tea or water?  Hmm….chia tea…extra creamy!  Dessert?!  Nah…I am on a diet after all…

So we drove to the restaurant to find it packed and 6 people waiting.  I couldn’t see any staff so it didn’t look good.

Oh Cupid!  Now what?!

Hubbie says “We could always go to the hot dog stand a few doors down.”

Really?!  Did he just suggest to take me on the most romantic night of the year…to a hot…dog…stand?

“Oh honey, are you sure we could afford such a splurge…I mean, don’t put me on a pedestal so high you can’t reach me…I mean,  nothing says I love you the mostest like a weiner on a bun does” is what I wanted to say…what came out was “Ok, sure…That sounds great.”

In his defense, he asked the obligatory “Are you sure?”

How am I supposed to respond?!  What I thought was…well, let me just leave that to your imagination.  What I said was “Yes…I am sure.”  I mean, in all honesty, eating Thai at midnight versus having hot dogs now and being in my pjs by midnight…sadly, there was no right answer…

So there we sat…eating hot dogs…while watching an Olympic hockey game…

My heart is all a flutter…no…wait…oh…it’s just heartburn.

I know…I know…just try not to be too jealous of my ubber romantic evening…


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