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Today I ate with chopsticks!

on February 15, 2014

Tonight a group of us went to see the off Broadway show Chicago.  Before the show we grabbed a bite at a local Japanese restaurant.

This was an authentic Japanese restaurant..they had platform dining tables and a sushi bar.  We sat down and perused the menu.  Of course I get the same thing I always get whenever I go to an asian restaurant…chicken teryaki.  It came with miso soup, salad with ginger dressing and rice.  There were already chopsticks on the table and when we ordered, the waitress asked if we needed forks.  Most of us said yes but then I thought…when in pseudo-Japan…do what they do!

So, I declared I WILL only use the chop sticks!

But will keep the fork, just in case…

First up, soup!  Thankfully that came with a spoon!  Otherwise, I’d still be there chasing around the little green onions and dipping my stick in the broth and sucking the wood dry.  I won’t leave an ounce of that miso goodness behind!!

Next up, salad!  I broke open the sticks and brisked them together (to remove any hanging wood fibers).  Like a boss!  Now, that’s where my boss-ness ends.  I know how to hold the sticks but inevitably they would cross and lettuce would fly out of my bowl.  But I’m persistent…and determined…and when the last of my salad, the carrot strings, were left I was not GOING to leave them behind!  So I fished…and I chased…and and finagled…and succeeded!

On to the main entree…chicken teryaki…with rice…

Rice…hmm…this should be fun!

The meat was served on a bed of lettuce and the rice was in a seperate bowl.  So, I took my sticks, dug into the pile of rice, thought a good chunk was balancing well on my sticks…only it wasn’t and I only got two grains of rice transferred to my plate.  Luckily the rice stayed in the bowl so I could try again.  Try #2… same thing happened…I got two more grains…just because they were stuck on the sticks.  Try #3…success!  I got 5 grains!  I kept at it until I gathered enough on my plate.

On to the chicken…sticky sauced chicken.  That should help…I reached for a piece, my sticks twisted and the chicken just flopped back into the dish.  Try again…Awesome!  I got a piece!  I lifted it 2 inches, sticks twisted and bam!

Back to square plate one.

This time , with my tummy growls urging me on, I was determined…I grasped the piece of chicken between my two sticks and squeezed extra hard…I got it!  I slowly moved my piece over to my rice…and then they twisted!

The chicken went flying!

Oh, where is it going to land?!

Like magic, it landed onto the rice….oh yah…I meant to do that…like a boss!


I managed to get the rest over without further incident.

Several people at the table ordered sushi and had leftover ginger.  I LOVE pickled ginger…so I offered to help them out…I’m just generous like that.

Now this was the most challenging…the big pieces were fine but the fine pieces were a bite!  At this point, we had to rush to make it to the show so I just left the little pieces.

All in all I managed.  I did feel like a child eatting tiny bites becuase that’s all I could manage on my utensil.

I’d do it again…

as long as I had a few hours to dine…

and a adequate snack before hand!


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