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Today I made beer bread

on February 18, 2014

Phew…I’m tired!  It’s one of those days where my get up and go has gotten up, packed it’s bags,  hopped on a plane and by now is probably in some lounge chair on a Caribbean beach ordering Margaritas.

Must be because it’s virtual Monday!

For dinner, I’m totally cheating.  I’m making Chicken Florentine…want the recipe?  It’s incredibly easy…grab one bag of Newman’s Own Chicken Florentine frozen pasta bag…cook bag per instructions…viola!  Supper in 10 minutes!  Woot!!  And energy saving to boot!…the little bit of energy I have left is reserved for knitting tonight.

I have my priorities…

Anyhoo, I still had the urge to do something more…

The mind is wanting…the body is balking…

I remembered I won a basket of easy bake goodies at the craft show this weekend.  Lucky ducky me 🙂  One of the items was Beer Bread mix…just add beer…

Hey, I’ve got beer!  It was free beer at that…I could whip that up in a lickity split and still have energy to knit one purl one…

In to a bowl went the mix and the beer…stir together…preheat oven to 350…grease a loaf pan…pour mix in…

The directions say if you’re feeling squirrelly you can melt some butter on top to make a softer top…yah, I’m feeling more Garfield-ish..but butter on top sounds good so I just plopped some chunks of butter on top…that’s the same, right?!

Viola!  Baked beer bread 🙂  The crisp outer crust protected the soft, yummy center.  Hmmm….now with a full tummy I’m on to my knitti…zzzzzz…..



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  1. […] just to clear them out of the house…this Stella is also a leftover beer…honestly, until I made the beer bread the other day I didn’t realize I had such a large […]

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