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Today I learned about curling

on February 19, 2014

curlingOk…the Olympics have been on for over  week…I’ve been looking forward to watching some curling but honestly I know nothing about it.

I figured if I watched a few matches, I would pick up the rules and scoring…you know, learning through osmosis…but alas…still nothing!

So far, from ignorant couch-line sports watching me…the pitcher slides a stone and then the sweepers have to make the corrections in order for the stone to end where it needs to be.  So the pitcher pitches it wrong, the other guys have to fix it, all the while the pitcher is yelling at them.   And they still leave friends?!

Sha!  If I were a sweeper I’d be thinking like “Dude, why don’t you throw the stone like you’re supposed to?!  Do you need to see the optometrist?!  Cause I can give you the name and number of someone who would ensure you see straight! ”

Yah, that’s what I’d be thinking.

But what I would probably do is *sweep**sweep**sweep**sweep*.

Time to do some research…I Googled Curling…a few news articles appeared concerning the Olympics, a Wikipedia link (who trust Wiki?), several links were for a local Dr. Curling (dentist), but one article stood out “What Exactly is Curling” at the Mental Floss website.

That’s the one!

In the first paragraph it says “Here’s a quick, stripped-down primer on everyone’s favorite icy alternative to shuffleboard”…awesome!  I need a quick, stripped-down primer cause I’m in the middle of the Sweden/Great Britain match so knowledge is needed ASAP!

If you find yourself in the same time-restircted pickle, I will save you some reading.  The object of the game is to get your stone closest to the center (button) as possible.  The sweepers use their broom to eliminate some friction to allow the stone to travel farther and/or “curl” in a particular direction.  A team only scores if they have the closest stone and they earn a point for each stone that is closer to the button than the other team.

There ya go…I looked back at the TV and watched a little and now it’s like a whole new game!!

But I still feel compelled to yell at the skip!


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