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Today I watched a Mind Movie Seminar

on February 21, 2014

While scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook today, I noticed a recommended page called Mind Movies.

Curiosity didn’t only get the cat…It got me too.

Mind Movies?  What the who-bee-doo is that?!

FB probably thought I would like the page because I like Abraham Hicks and Wayne Dyer…positive

what can I say?!  I’m attracted to positivity…

…and need more of it infused into me…I tell ya, sometimes those little negative nellies just run rampant and turn into an infestation.   Quick!  Someone get the broom!…no, the Dustbuser!…no, the Dyson!  Oh heck…this job calls for the Shop Vac!

Anyhoo, so I clicked to view the page and some way, some how found a invitation to an online seminar in which you can identify your limiting belief and they teach you ways to overcome it.

I’ve got like 1729 limiting beliefs so this is probably something I could use.  And it’s free…in the comfort of my recliner and sweats…and starts in 15 minutes…what’s a gal got to lose?

Oh, and yes…my “this could be a sales pitch and them peeps aint gettin a penny of my moola” red flag totally popped up and waved loud and proud.

So I’m on the defense…

…but ready to learn something…

…for free, that is…

I settled in, plugged in some headphones and prepared (guardedly) to watch.

The video was hosted by Natalie Ledwell…an Aussie Manifesting guru.

My jury is still out about the whole manifesting thing…I don’t want to knock it…you know, just in case it does work…but really, if we all had the power to manifest whatever our little hearts desired, don’t you think there would be mansions popping up on every corner, more Audi R8 Spyders on the road, more lottery winners, and less yarn on the shelves (because us yarnies would totally buy it up with our new wealth and we would be knitting up a storm with all our new found free time)?!

I’m just saying…

Anyhoo, back to the video, she began by identifying how we develop limiting beliefs and discussed the subconscious mind.  I have to say, the lecture kept my interest and so far, no big sales pitch.  Then we got into the exercise she speaks of, the Subconscious Success Imprint Exercise.  Ok…banish my self limiting beliefs!  But don’t do no voodoo to con me into buying something!

Guardedly, I did the exercise.  She guides you through an almost self-hypnotic like exercise and if nothing else about it worked, at least it was super relaxing!  And afterward, I didn’t feel an unexplained compulsion to buy something so I suppose no voodoo was used.

After the exercise though…that’s when the sales pitch began.  I guess I could have exited out of the video presentation however she offered a link to this exercise in which you could do anytime you wanted but only if you stayed until the end.  Again, I felt the exercise was beneficial so I wanted that link!  She was offering some Masters course class at some drastically discounted cost of about $1000.  *cough*  $1000!  and that’s the discount?!  Egads!  All the voodoo in the world would never convince me to part with that much of my moola!

But I persevered to the end and got the link! : )   I would share it with you awesome peeps but I’m not sure if I’m permitted.  There was also the identifying exercise in the video presentation that you need to do first before you can do the exercise and that’s not included in the exercise video.

At any rate, if you find yourself with limiting beliefs, an extra hour on your hands and your “this could be a sales pitch and them peeps aint gettin a penny of my moola” red flag up (unless you have and extra $1000 to blow and in that case I manifest that you give it to me! lol), I would say watching the video presentation is worthwhile. 🙂


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