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Today I cleaned a copper bottomed pot

on February 22, 2014


My dear grandmother passed down this little pot to me ages ago.  I never thought to clean it because growing up, all her pots looked like this and I figured with copper this is just how they end up.

I’m researching how to easily clean my shower that has rust stains and stumbled upon how to clean a copper pot.  I thought “Hey! I have a copper pot I can experiment on!” so viola!  Today’s something new!

The cleaning recipe calls for salt and vinegar.  Technically the original called for red wine vinegar and technically I have some but technically I don’t waste wine, even if technically it’s vinegar, and technically I already had the white vinegar out so technically I decided to use it.  Technically, I’m such a rebel!

I covered the bottom with salt.  (Like my little finger swirls?)

Then added the vinegar

Then waited…not so patiently though

Wow!  What a difference!  Look!  There’s words!!  Who knew?!

But now I’m wondering about the red wine vinegar…could it have made a difference?

So, I try it again…but with the red wine vinegar

And the result:

Ok…using the red wine vinegar isn’t wasting it!

What a difference!  I’m impressed!!  And this all took like 5 minites!

Awesome peeps!  If you have copper bottomed pans, don’t let them look ugly!  There’s no reason!

Now…I wonder if the pot will cook differently after so many years of gonk has been removed?  Hmmm…we’ll just have to see…


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