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Today I researched photo usage for blogs

on February 23, 2014

Wanna read a blogger horror story?! Click here…if you dare

How absolutely frightful!  Sends chills down me bones…(I would have added a picture of Scooby Doo shivering – Rut Roh Shaggy!)

My heart goes out to Roni…a blogger just bee boppin along, minding her own bees wax, trying to do her little share to make the world a better place and offer some good lovin’ entertainment, then *slap!* a lawsuit comes about.

And the sound of that slap is ALWAYS followed by *cha ching*…

I’ve always wondered what kind of images I can use to pep up my posts. I mean, the black in white text is just soooo boring…my posts need flair!  (I would have add a picture of “Flair Boy” from the movie Office Space…)

Early on I would grab whatever added humor to my posts from internetland…and let me tell ya, they rocked! I found the cutest picture of a puppy sleeping for my “Today I napped“…Oh, and let me tell you the awesome image I found for “Today I embraced my not so inner geek“…a back in the day picture of the hottie Will Wheaton from some teenie bopper magazine I probably subscribed to…and drooled over…and hung up in my bedroom…and still flip through every now and again…

Did I just say that out loud?!

After the first ten or so posts I realized I am a photographer at heart and decided to use my original pictures to add the necessary pizzazz. (I would have added a picture of Pizzazz from Gem and the Holograms – what a throwback!)  Once I started using my own pictures, I never gave my previous posts another thought…

Today though, I finally took the time to properly research this. And boy did it scare me straight!!

I found you cannot just take any image off the internet…more than likely there is a copyright…and if there is a copyright, there is someone who owns the copyright…and if there is someone who owns the copyright, then there is someone who will sue you…and if there is someone who will sue you, then there is a lawyer who will take such case…and if there is a lawyer who will take such case, you lose!

All I pretty much have is my pups…and they are precious to me…and no one else would really put up with their diva ways…(I would have added a picture of Poochie – instead you get another picture of my puppy)Emmy

Also, even though you make no money off your blog OR you weren’t aware of a copyright violation OR you have the intentions of Mother Theresa (You guessed it…I would have posted a picture of that saintly woman!)…none of that matters…you will still get sued…and you will still lose.

What’s surprising about all of this…this information isn’t readily available…I did several Yahoo searches and only found information other bloggers had discovered.

Shouldn’t there be more posts about this from say WordPress or Blogger?!  Maybe even a huge warning before you even write your first post?!  (I would have added a picture of Lost in Space – Danger Will Robinson!  Danger!)

Anyone can start a blog…anyone…have internet connection?  Here is your soap box….free…easy….open to all…knowing this, would it behoove blog sites to inform their customer base?

Maybe they do…I just haven’t dug deep enough…

I send all my love to my fellow bloggers and because of one of them, I have been warned and for that I will be eternally grateful!

I have scrubbed my site of any image that I myself didn’t take.  There are some GIFs that came from royalty free resources which I feel pretty safe about…but honestly I will probably replace those with my own pictures.

I love doing this blog…and I hope you enjoy reading it… : )  Isincerely appreciate your readership!

*stepping off my soap box*



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