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Today I tried daily contacts

on February 27, 2014

I just came back from an eye doctor appointment…my eyes are dilated…this post should be interesting…I cannot see the type on the screen.

I am a contact lens wearer.

I have been since that horrible day the doctor broke the news to me that I need glasses.

I cannot wear glasses…I cringe at wearing glasses…

Now, do not get me wrong…I love glasses and I think other people look good in them…

Me on the other hand….there isn’t a pair in existence that look good on me…no, really…I have searched and failed.

I researched what frame shapes would look good on what face shape…I’ve taken friends for unbiased opinions…but when the sales person scrunches up her face at every try on…you just know, you don’t have a face for glasses.

I own a pair…for just around the house…but no one will ever see me in them…

Luckily, someone invented contacts…if I knew who, I would take them out for a Coffee Frappuccino!   I’d even splurge for the extra chocolate and caramel…and whip cream!

As much as I love my eyes (they are important for tatting!) and my contacts, I abuse both.

I’m going to share a shameful secret about myself…are you ready?!



Oh…and another deep, dark secret….

I’m cheap….I turn 2 week contacts into 2 month contacts!


I’m just spilling the beans all over the place about myself today…there must have been some truth serum in those dilation drops!!

I know better….I have been appropriately lectured by my eye doctor…

and I still do it.

But don’t you do it!  It’s horrible for your eyes!

Today he suggested I try daily contacts.  I dunno…of course I took the free trial pairs because hello?!  they were free!  But I’m not sure I can commit to such a switch.

First, they are more expensive.  Two week contacts cost $.42 a day…Dailys cost $.77 a day…Of course I am using the doctor’s price quote…I totally get my lens off the internet for cheaper…and I stretch the time out for them…

Second, that’s quite a waste.  Instead of throwing out one pair of lens every two weeks (again, this isn’t me but we will use industry recommendations for argument sake)..I would be throwing out 14 pair!  I’m going to single handedly fill up numerous landfills just so I can see.

The positive though I will be less likely to sleep in them and greatly improve my eye health.  And I need my eye health to craft!

So, I’m giving them a whirl…I will have a week to decide…I dunno if a week will be long enough to make such a huge decision…

I’ll probably stretch the lens out…3 weeks…

My glasses…aren’t they just the cutest!  with the little daisy bling : )  What?!  Did you think I would post a picture of me in them?!  As if!! 😉



2 responses to “Today I tried daily contacts

  1. girlychristina says:

    I love your new glasses! =)

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