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Today I had a blood orange

on March 1, 2014

A few months back a friend made blood orange cupcakes…one word…deliciousness!

Ok…I swear I’m not blonde…I thought it was just the name of the cupcakes…you know, like Better than Sex cake, Slap Your Mama brownies, Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Toffee Crunch ice cream, etc… .I didn’t know there was an actual kind of orange called blood orange!!!

I stumbled upon a blood orange at the local grocery store…literally.  This seems to be a thing with me…I slipped and fell on a strawberry last summer…I was fine..I only bruised my pride and my tushie…so there I was, walking through the produce aisle when all of a sudden these oranges just started falling out of the display!  As I picked them up, I noticed their skin was orange with some red running through…oh my golly?!  Had anyone else seen this?!   Are they diseased?  Did they hurt themselves in the fall?  Did someone leave these out in the sunshine too long?  Are these zombie oranges?  Oh geez…I hadn’t even begun my apocolypse planning!

Then I read the label…Oh!  They are blood oranges!  Phew!  The produce section almost had me!

So I bagged 3 up to try them out.

Ok…honestly they kinda gross me out.  They literally look bruised…like they said something tart to the grapefruit and soon after, the oranges are sporting black eyes…cause you know grapefruit hate to be joked and pack a mean punch.  And can be pretty sour!

After 2 days of sitting on my counter I decided to buck up and just try them.  I looked on their ends for the easy open naval but there was none…I know I could have just dug my nail in but surly this orange has been through enough brutality…so I opted to cut one end off… to be more humane.   As I peeled the skin away from the wedges I wigged out even more!  I guess I expected an oragngy colored inside but instead…it…was…purple!  Oh my goodness!  These pour guys suffered internal bleeding!

I picked up a wedge and went to bite it but I just couldn’t do it!  That’s not what an orange is supposed to look like!  I mean, hello!  they are called an orange for a reason!

Ok…I can do this…I tried again…I put the orange up to my mouth…ugh!  I just couldn’t do it!  I started to think what this un-orange orange could taste like and creeped myself out.

Try #3…I cannot do a post about what a scardy cat I am…I closed my eye and just bit it.

Hmm…not bad…not as sweet as my usual naval oranges…but it had even more of a different taste…kinda like someone injected it with a merlot…maybe I just thought that because of the way the orange looked…

At any rate,  the orange was good, once I got past the appearance.

If you’re into abused fruit, then this little guy is for you…but certainly steer clear of the grapefruit…if you know what’s good for ya!!


2 responses to “Today I had a blood orange

  1. aren’t they just incredible?!?! 😉

    • iamerica911 says:

      I would say they are good…I tried another one that maybe ripened a bit more and that blood orange tasted more flavorful than the first…but I still prefer them surrounded by cake and icing! lol

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