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Today I joined doTerra

on March 2, 2014

I’ve been keeping something from you awesome peeps…

I’ve been doing something new and not telling you!

Over the last month, I have been researching and pondering and attending classes about essential oils…specifically through doTerra.

Over a month ago, a friend posted on Facebook she was hosting an essential oil class at her house. I instantly RSVPed. My interest had been peaked from hearing about essential oils on the blogs I follow.

I inherently believe God placed everything we need on Earth…from food to medicine. Additionally, I’ve become increasingly skeptical of manmade items which often come with side affects or additional health risks. But I didn’t know how sentence A could overcome sentence B.

Then I discovered, essential oils purly harness the health benefits of natural ingredients and can aid, if not alleviate, many conditions. I had to learn more!

I signed up for every class that was offered over the last month and have done tons of internet research…and I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of knowing what all is possible with these oils.

While I could easily fill this blog with everything I’ve learned thus far and keep you reading for days upon days, I will share just one tidbit that absolutely impressed me. Essential oils have the capability to pass cell membranes and negatively affect pathogens. So, you know how when the doc diagnoses you with a general ailment and shoos you home empty handed with the instructions “Ride it out”…well, I can now say nah nah…there’s an oil for that!

Got a runny nose? There’s an oil for that!otc oil
Got a sleep problem? There’s an oil for that!
Got low energy? There’s an oil for that!
Got a germy house? There’s an oil for that!
Got a repetative blogger problem? Well, I don’t know of an oil for that just yet…keyword YET!

Now, I’m not a sickly person. I purposely don’t take otc medcines because what is deemed safe today can be discovered harmful tomorrow. Additionally, sometimes it’s good for the old system to flex it’s muscles against germs to stay sharp. Unfortunately, some of my pups have medical issues and I frequent the vet/emergency vet more than my bank account would like. I love them dearly and spare no expense to make them well but if I can save them some grief and me some moola with some prevention, I think that’s a win-win. And I’ve recently discovered some essential oils could benefit them as well.

But I’m a ponderer/researcher and I had to answer some questions for myself. First, why this company?

DoTerra offers theraputic grade essential oils (extremely pure oils). They are a home business, which of course raised my red flag…I’ve done home businesses and as I’ve been told, in a very loving manner, I don’t have the personality for a home business…ie I’m not a pushy sales person type and absolutely loathe having to look at everyone as my potential next customer. I’m more about: if I have something that you’re interested in then I’m here to help but most importantly let’s be friends.

twtThis company is set up different from any other business I have been involved in. Let’s explore this by looking at “The Trouble with Puffles”. Normally when you fall in love with a product, lets just call it a puffle, you decide you’ve got to have puffles in your life. If you gotta have puffles in your life, you definitely want to buy puffles at a discount. In order to get the puffles at a discount, you have to be a puffle seller. Well, ok…if you’ve deemed puffles critical to your existance surly others will fall in love with puffles too so you think no big deal…I can sell puffles. You pay some introductory cost so you can start saving on your puffles. Then you find you have to place a minimum order every month/quarter to maintain your discount on your puffles. I’ve been in the position where I’m not selling my puffles but I have to spend hundreds of dollars to stay active to keep getting my puffles at a cheaper price. Inevitably, I found my house overrun with puffles, my bank account dwindled due to my puffles but the puffle business is sitting fat and happy, pumping out more puffles.

DoTerra is a membership program. Think of it like Costco or Sams Club, I pay an annual membership fee and have access to awesome deals…except I won’t have to buy 2765 rolls of tiolet paper just so I can get a roll for a penny or buy/sell a certain amount to stay “active”. It’s beautifully simple…I began my membership and viola! I can buy as little or as much as I want. Now, there is a way to make this a business but it’s only for those who want to…totally optional….totally not required…totally freeing! Yah! I’m not a puffle seller!!

My other question was couldn’t I get these oils elsewhere. The answer is yes. There is at least one other home business that sells equivalent oils however to me, in what I could find, their pricing/discount didn’t appear as good. Beyond that, there are other websites where you can purchase theraputic grade oils but I could not find detailed testing/quality control info on the oils and in most cases their pricing seemed higher. Based on that I figured doTerra was the way to go for me.

So there you go…my rationale for joining doTerra and beginning my essential oil education. Honestly, I have struggled with this post. I absolutely don’t want this to sound like a sales pitch and I apologize if it comes across that way. I promise you that’s not my intention! I’m just excited about my new adventure with essential oils and I’m at a loss of writing this any other way 🙂 Again, let’s just be friends 🙂


3 responses to “Today I joined doTerra

  1. jeanne says:

    Thanks, there is a gal not too far from me selling doTerra, I have been considering purchasing from her, but have been a bit slow on the draw. Now I think I need to get on the stick. I need some stuff. I am running out.

    • iamerica911 says:

      Oh cool! The oils are great 🙂 You could also sign up as a preferred customer and save a good amount 🙂 definitely ask her about it 🙂 Thank you for reading!

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