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Today I tried a Stella Artois

on March 3, 2014

I feel when I say this beer name I just want to yell “STELLAAAAAA!”

But not the Street Car named Desire version…the Over the Hedge version… I’m feeling more kiddy movie tonight…

I’m not a beer drinker…I haven’t tried many but I’ve only found one that I kinda like…Blue Moon.

Maybe it’s the light color…maybe it’s the light flavor…maybe it’s the orange slice…

For some strange reason, I wanted a beer…this is totally unusual…

Maybe it’s the snow on the ground…maybe it’s the late opening at work tomorrow…maybe it’s the full moon that will come in 10 days…

Stella Artois is the only “light” beer I have in my cupboards…I still have some dark ales left over from a party a few months back…I should throw another party just to clear them out of the house…this Stella is also a leftover beer…honestly, until I made the beer bread the other day I didn’t realize I had such a large stash…

The ABC may need to be alerted to my inventory…

Ok..we have clearly established I’m not much of a beer drinker so this upcoming struggle may not surprise you.  The neck of the bottle is covered by white pretty paper…I tried to remove the cover using the perferated line but I ended up just tearing the paper off…looks like I ravinishly tore into the bottle in true drunk fashion…

Next up…cap removal…it only took me 10 minutes of twisting and two sore, indented palms to realize it’s not a twist cap…STELLAAAAAA!  I thought I was just a weakling and had spaghetti noodles for arms.

STELLAAAAAA!   It’s 2014!  Step up to the new 1960s technology of twist caps!  STELLAAAAAA!

First sip…nasty!  It has a sour after taste…bleh!

Second sip…still nasty!  Still sour!

Maybe it needs an orange slice…I still have blood oranges from the other night…let’s give that a whirl…


Egads!  That looks horrible!!!…Looks like a brain in my beer!!!! (which will be awesome at Halloween!)…And didn’t really help the lager out…I may have made it worse…

Anyhoo, Stella Artois is not for me…

But I still will eternally think “STELLAAAAAA” each time I see this beer!!!!


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