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Today I got stuck in the mud

on March 7, 2014

It’s a monsoon!!

Well, actually a nor’easter…

The Weather Channel probably named it….

But I’m sure my name for it is much more, shall we say…colorful?!

Let me set up the scene for you…

I live in a pseudo-rural area…I don’t have a traditional driveway…at one point in time it was a gravel driveway but over the years the grass has grown over whatever rock remained.  This winter has been exceptionally moist and much of my yard could be considered a redneck swimming hole or a great host to the next National mud wrestling competition.

I had errands to run.  My pups needed dog food.  I needed grocery items….namely Diet Ginger Ale.  I’ve tried to quit soda but I cannot seem to kick the habit…I really wish they would make a patch.  I’ve tried cold turkey…what a horrible 2 hours of my life!  So, I NEEDED this ale run.  I’m not addicted or anything…I’m just….well….I just…umm…have a strong urge.

I drive a pickem up truck.  Not by choice.  I could recount the horrible story of the loss of my SUV….my Isuzu Ascender to be exact…the most perfect SUV that ever existed (well, it held this title until the Buick Enclave debuted)…unfortunately, my lovely SUV met a horrible demise in 2010…horrible…did I say it was horrible?…it was…horrible…

(Note: Everyone was safe and sound…my SUV sacrificed itself to make it so.)

So, I’ve been driving a pickem up truck since…what a horrible 4 years of my life!  This truck is the longest, biggest thing I have ever driven.  I swear driving it feels like a school bus…but on road trips, it feels more like a VW Bug.  I have the hardest time parking it.  I don’t dare back into spaces…and I only park when there are two empty spaces flanking the space I’m aiming to park the beast.  But I drive the truck to avoid paying a car payment, so…therefore…I love this truck…

Did I convince you?  Yah, I didn’t think so…. it’s all I could muster.

Anyhoo, I also live between 2 pretty sharp S curves.  Backing out of my “driveway” could be deadly.  I usually just turn around in the yard in order to face the road when I pull out.  Normally, it’s no biggie…with all the yard I have, I have my selections of high ground…well, that is usually.  I aimed the rear end of the truck for a grassy, (what appeared to be) high ground…I did just fine backing up…I had a few acres flanking the space I aimed the truck’s big booty.  When I put the truck in drive though, the rear wheels started to spin.  I knew not to keep spinning the tires so I got out and assessed the damage.  The tires didn’t appear to be that deep.  I could so get myself out of this pickle.  I returned to the truck and opted for my next tactic…I tried rocking the truck (reversing then driving).  The tires still spun.  Next, I tried turning the steering wheel all the way to right hoping the tires could gain some traction.  The tires still spun.  I figured I couldn’t make it any worse…so I straightened the wheel and put the pedal to the medal…I gunned it!

Lookie there…come to find out I could make it worse…the back tires sunk into the mud to their rims.

I feel like a fool…of course now I see other spots I could have chosen or feel I should have chanced taking my life into my hands and backing out.

So, does this make me a stick in the mud?

*sigh* Technically I have dog food until Monday…and I have two options to tackle my soda need…I could just grin and bear the withdrawal….or walk the 3 miles to the store…

Hmm….walking through a nor’easter…swirling wind and torrential downpours…for about an hour each way…on back country two lane roads…carrying 4 2 liter bottles (you know, a nights supply)…

Only an addict would be that desperate to walk in this weather…

I’ll call a cab…

The truck has been freed! Here’s pics of the aftermath:
The splatter from when I gunned it! lol



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