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Today I made peanut butter cookies

on March 9, 2014

“Cooookies! :)” – Cookie Monster

You may not have known but the Cookie Monster always has a smiley face right after saying Cooookies…

You try saying cookies without smiling 🙂

I’ve never made peanut butter cookies before…I’m not a big peanut butter fan so that’s probably why…chocolate chip cookies on the other hand, I’m an Iron Chef.

Peanut butter makes my insides feel all stuck together…and sometimes I feel like it just gets stuck along the way and takes sometime to move…weird maybe…

I know someone who loves PB so this works out great.  I get to try something new and flex my baking skills…they get to be my guinea pig and keep all the calories to themselves…that’s what you call a win win.  Now, if I only I could find someone who loves doing the 49 million dishes I use in cooking…that could be a win win win…trifecta!

For instance, I used twenty utensils/dishes for just these cookies!  I started out with a large bowl and a whisk to whip the egg (2).  The recipe said to whip the egg until foamy…well, I just couldn’t get the egg whipped where I thought it needed to so I broke out the hand mixer (4). I then had to measure the peanut butter so I used a measuring cup and a mini spatula (6).  Then I had to measure the sugar but I had already used my measuring cup so I used my 1/4 cup (7).  I had to chop the peanuts which required another measuring cup, the hand chopper and 2 bowls (chopper will only hold 1/4 c nuts at a time – one bowl for already chopped,  one bowl for needing chopped (10).  I started mixing the dough with the whisk only to realize that’s not such a good idea so I grabbed a spoon but that hurt my hand so I opted for the large spatula (12).  Once mixed, I used a soup spoon to scoop into balls on two cookie sheets (15).  Then a fork to make the designs and a dish to pour the Reese cups out from the bag (17).  Once baked, I used a spatula to move the cookies to the cooling racks (20).

20 dishes!!!  And I only ended up with 16 cookies!  Someone should start including this stat on recipes…”This dish calls for 3 ingredients but 12 dishes”

My dishwasher will be working overtime tonight!

I found an easy recipe by Yahooing.  5 ingredients, limited time required…sounds like my kinda baking!

I whipped the mixture up and scooped them onto the baking sheet.  I did the usual forky trick but they looked so plain!

Hmm…what to do…what to do…

Oh yes!  I have some baking Reese cups!  Oooo…


I added them on…aww…they look like little faces!  A happy accident 🙂

The first sheet of cookies I made the size of hockey pucks…again, lack of experience.  The balls just looked perfect…I couldn’t dare steal dough from one to make another…I’m such a Robin Hood! …Needless to say they took like 20 minutes to cook.

The second sheet took just a little longer than the recommended cooking time.  I attribute that to my constant opening and closing of the oven door.

Can you say impatient?! lol

Anyhoo, I enjoyed making them…they received 2 thumbs up from the PB lover…a total win win!


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