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Today I cut a cantalope

on March 15, 2014

I think cantalope should be renamed cantaloope…just sounds more funner!

I had a mission yesterday…to find a key lime pie…not because 3/14 is pie day…it was for a birthday partay.  I ended up hitting 5 grocery stores before I found the elusive pie.

In most of the store’s, they offer free samples.   I was there around lunch time so I didn’t mind if I helped myself to some.  They had deli meat, cheese, cookies, bread with various spreads, and most awesomely cantalope and pineapple. I couldn’t help myself…I picked the biggest piece of cantalope and popped it in my mouth.

Have you ever overestimated the size of your mouth?  Really, the piece was larger than it should have been but once I put it in my mouth, there was no turning back…juice involuntarily escaped my mouth and I needed a napkin asap!  I frantically looked around for one but not a one in sight!  Luckily, I remembered I had one in my purse!  It pays to be prepared!  I began rumaging around in my purse but couldn’t find it…I started to pull items out to better see…my wallet, my keys, my tatting bag…then I went for the blind feel…wouldn’t you know, as with all things you really need, it worked it’s way to the bottom.  I finally felt the paper napkin and pulled it out victoriously!   But by now the juice had dried on my face so I hightailed it to the restroom for a whole face wash and makeup reapply…

I’m sure the security cam has been posted to youtube by now.

On a positive note, with a piece that big, I no longer needed lunch.

The cantalope they offered was sweet, firm and juicy.  Practically perfect!  Even considering the catalope catastrophe,  I still returned to the scene of my embarrassment to acquire a melon.

Now, I have no idea how to pick a cantalope.  I just grabbed the nearest one.  I figured if the sample tasted that good, surely all of them will as well!

So today I decided to crack open the melon.  I got the largest knife I own out and prepped to cut it in half…you know, like a watermelon…then thought better…maybe I need to watch a tutorial.  I took a break and got schooled…I was getting ready to do it all wrong!

First the produce guy explained how to pick a cantalope…I know this may surprise you but my method was wrong.  The melon should be nice and round with no flat or dented spots and have a nice creamy orange look to it.  The melon also should feel heavy for it’s size and the area around the stem shoukd give alittle when pressing.

As you can see, mine had all kinds of character flaws and looked more creamy green.

Oh well…I’m still chopping into this bad boy!

To begin, you cut off both ends.  Then you slice off the rind…but not too deep…you want to preserve as much of the orange melon as possible.

Hey!  I see orange…can’t be all bad!


Then you slice in half, scoop out the seeds and slice.

Viola!  Cut up cantalope!

Not the best cantalope I’ve had…the poor little melon could have ripened a bit more…but even a bad cantaloope is better than no cantaloope at all!!


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