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Today I’m giving up TV!

on March 17, 2014

I so wanted to title this “Today I’m giving up the Boob Tube!” but I try to refrain from being risqué.  I did a search and found the term originated in the 1960s where a boob was considered an idiot…put together, watching too much of the tube (TV) made you an idiot…hmm…I think there’s research out there that agrees…wpid-20140317_114248.jpg

Anyway…I’m giving TV up for a day!  I find myself hanging out at the house more and realized last week that I turn the TV on in the morning when I’m planning my day and the TV runs all day until I go to bed.  I mostly use it for background noise…and drown out the concert of snoring from the pups… I do other stuff but at the same time, more than I would like to admit, I get sucked into different shows and then wham-o my day disappears!   I catch up on what’s going on in the world with Matt on the Today show…then Kelly and Michael has Matthew McConaughey (hubba hubba)…then Rachel Ray makes something delicious…then the ladies on the View bicker about something…or anything in their case…then what has happened locally on the noon news…then switch over to Sex in the City…then learn something about quilting on Create channel…then back to the local news…and it goes from there…

Even when I write this, I’m incredibly embarrassed I know this much about daytime TV!  HELP!!!  I don’t want to know more about Savannah Guthrie than I know about myself!!…Did you know she got married over the weekend and announced she’s 4 months preggers…at the young, awesome age of 42?!….Oh the wedding couldn’t have been more beautiful and from the pics everyone seemed to have a ball!!  I’m so excited for her!!

ACK!!  I’ve done it again!!  She’s not my bestie!!  (Even though, if we met, I bet we would be!!)

So I’m kicking that habit…going cold turkey…turning my back to the boob tube!!

I’ve already fought the natural tendency to reach for the remote 6 times today…but I’m remaining strong!  And I’m fighting the constant curiosity about what is happening in Crimea and the Malaysian missing plane.  At least I’m not cutting myself from the internet…that may be another something new at some later time…way later…closer to never…

Will update later about my progress at the end of the day…

Rather than have the TV on today, I had the radio. I picked a local Christian channel and heard talk shows all day. Some reaffirmed my beliefs, some confused me, some made me realize I have a long way to go. Nevertheless, a much more positive experience than who is the father on Maury or which dress the bride will pick (and which bridesmaid she will kill).

I got so much done around the house! Much more than with the distraction. I swore to myself if I completed my chores I could craft the rest of the day. Unfortunately, my daily lists are more like list impossibles…I over estimate what I can fit into a day and by the time dinner was done, I just didn’t have the energy nor time. I need what the energizer bunny has.

By 6 pm though, the TV withdraws set in. I kept wanting to reach for the remote to get the local weather. I’m totally a weather nerd and tonight we could potentially get some sleet. I desperately needed information…but I resisted. And read the weather blog instead.

Next hurdle, what would hubbie say about no TV night. He read my blog earlier and told me he had plans to play XBox…you know, cause it’s not TV. I had plans to hide the power cable that connects the XBox…luckily the debate didn’t go that far. Surprisingly, he jumped on board…not too eagerly but all the same, on board. After dinner, we played several rounds of Sorry! He would tell me to tell you he won…we played 3 games…all very close…I won the first, he the second and third. I say we didn’t even finish a match so obviously a winner cannot be called.

I have to admit I loved the peace of a quiet house. Reminded me of being at my grandparents house…or of days before all these eletronic devices. It was nice to hear the evening noises right outside the window…and to be completely relaxed to go to bed.

I also have to admit I had thoughts of relief that I could resume watching TV over breakfast tomorrow morning. Only 8 more hours until I can catch up on what I missed!


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