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Today I started the Dr. Who scarf

on March 18, 2014

When my hubbie asked me to knit a scarf like every good wife I said sure…I have some really nice gray yarn in my stash that would be perfect for a man’s scarf!  When he showed me the picture of the Dr. Who scarf, I choked!

Now, probably when you speak to anyone about the Dr. Who scarf, they could conjure up a mental image and know exactly what you are referring to.  Unfortunately, I’ve only seen a handful of the super early Dr. Who episodes…and they were before Dr. Who wore a scarf.  I did not realize the requested scarf could wrap the earth 12 times.

For those who are like I was, let me explain the scarf…it’s almost a foot wide.  The actor that played Dr. Who stood well over 6 ft.  The scarf began around his feet, went up his body to his neck, wrapped his neck and looped down to his knees then went back up to his neck to follow the length of his body again.

Still can’t get the picture…well, here’s a picture

Long Scarf

I have procrastinated on this project for at least a year… knitting 844 rows of anything seems daunting!  I did the math a while back and if I knitted a row a day, it would take me 3 years!  I’ve had projects to last 3 years but that’s because I left them undone…

Today I’ve been under the weather so I felt guilt when by the afternoon I hadn’t much to show for the day.  I figured I could just start the scarf and feel accomplished.

So it’s started…check back with me in 3 years…


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