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Today I celebrated Tabletop Game day!

on April 5, 2014

Last year Geek and Sundry (youtube stars) asked their fans to gather in public on March 30 to play tabletop games.  Wiki summed it best so I will just use their words: “Aiming to remind its fans and community to spend more time and strengthen their bonds, by playing games together. Tabletop gaming promotes many positive social and cognitive benefits like increased communication, team work, planning, and is an excellent stress relieving activity for all ages.”

So April 5th was declared as the 2nd Annual International Tabletop Game Day.  However, this would be my 1st Annual International Tabletop Game Day celebration.  A group of friends and I decided to gather in a public place to play some games.

Now, where to play?  The local game shop was always an option however could you imagine the game shop on such a holiday?!  It would be like the card shop on Valentine’s Day, Walmart on Black Friday and free puppy sale at the pet shop…all at once.  But of course nicer cause all gamers are nice…until you beat them and then, well, you’re taking your life into your own hands…and understandably so.

We flirted with a few options.  We needed a place that had chairs and a good size table.  We thought of a park, library, food court at the mall…my favorite idea was to set up in the patio section of Home Depot.  Just imagine!   Cushy, comfy chairs…nice size tables…plenty of passersbys…I’d be like, I’ll fight your level 18 monster…after a 5 minute siesta!

But as golden as that idea was, we all thought Barnes and Noble was the most ideal.  Who can beat being surrounded by books and within an arms reach of a Starbuck Coffee Frappuccino?!

We decided to play Pandemic.   I love this game!!!  Instead of player vs player, in this game we all work together to fight the diseases spreading across the globe.  I drew the quarantine specialist which meant the diseases could not spread in the city I was in nor the connecting cities.  You will be releived to find out, I held many diseases at bay in Asia and we cured all 5 diseases and only incurred 2 outbreaks. 

You can rest easier tonight, we got this.

That’s my almost completely depleted Coffee Frappuccino with sugar free caramel syrup that you may think is at the point of being thrown away but be rest assured I’m gonna loudly slurp and wiggle the straw to get every last delicious drop!

That game played for a about an hour or two…when you are fighting epidemic level infections, time seems irrelevant.

Next up, Munchkin!  I’d never played Munchkin before (hey! 2 something news!!!) but love the humerous cards!  Even though I had great instructions and plenty of assistance,  I still felt a little lost…like I was banging my head against a door only to find horribly cute monsters who wanted to steal my levels.  But I enjoyed it and am ready to go monster and treasure hunting again!! 🙂

2nd International Tabletop Game Day was fun!!  I really anticipated either receiving more strange looks or passersbys stopping to ask questions or join in.  I would have loved to suck non gamers in and show them how much fun they are missing out on!

At any rate, the planning for next year’s celebration is already in the works : )


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