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Today I speed cut a watermelon

on April 12, 2014

Watermelons have debuted at Walmart!
I know…I know…one should be skeptical of watermelons so early but when you I have lived without one for 196 days how bad could a watermelon be?

I’m willing to chance it!

I saw an absolutley cool and fast way to cut a watermelon late last year…like 198 days ago…but unfortunately I had already cut my last watermelon of the season and couldn’t try the technique out.

And let me tell you, I need a better technique!  It takes me about 30 mins with my present retard method: cut melon in half, scramble to not lose one of the halves over the counter, cut a slice, cut in half, cut off rind, cube the watermelon innards, rinse and repeat until the melon is just cube goodness!  So yes…new method totally needed!

Speed watermelon cutting: cut alittle off both ends, place melon on end, cut rind from top to bottom, then trim up to remove any white rind missed, then slice rounds and cube the yumminess!

Oooo…doesn’t it look kinda wierd? Like naked or something?!

Anyhoo, new method totally rocks!  Super fast, super easy, super awesome!

(And yes, the farmer totally cheated this watermelon from its maturity.  It has a grainy,  mushy texture and only a little good red pieces…but nonetheless…I’m in watermelon heaven!!)


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