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Today I went to the Farmer’s Market

on April 16, 2014


I apologize for the bad photo!  It was freezing outside!!

Someone woke old man winter from a nap and (just like any of us awoken from a great sleep) he came up swinging with a cold blast!  In our area, we went from 70s to 40s in the matter of hours and it’s going to take days to get back to reasonable weather.   So probably this wasn’t the best day to hit the Farmer’s Market…

I started in the organic grocery store.  I’m determined to really comprehend the organic grocery store!  And I don’t know why I just can’t “get it”!  So far, I totally get local honey…check, got that!  Oh, but wait…this store has orange blossom, wild rose, thistle and other honeys!!!!

My problem is: I recognize ingredients that I have seen listed in recipes, things I know you can only get there, but when I’m face to face with it on the shelf (and the price), I suddenly draw a blank as to what to use it for.  And since I’m unsure, I move on.

I headed on over to the frozen food case to check out the meat.  I’ve read a bunch about grass fed, organic meats and really want to make the change.  I peered in through the cold glass door.  They had various beef cuts…unfortunately the only one I recognized was beef stew…at $11/lb!  Hmmm…well, let’s check out chicken…chicken isn’t complicated…!!  Chicken breast at $9/lb!

Well, maybe I’ll just go vegetarian…

As such, on to the veggie stands!

I had envisioned many stands overflowing with colorful fruit and vegetables.  Unfortunately, (probably because of the weather) many stands were closed and empty.   I did find one open but the poor lady was in her car, staying warm until I showed up.  I found some sweet green onions and stumbled upon some ginger at a great price!  At least I made braving the cold worth her while!

There were various gift shops but I opted not to go in to them.  I’m trying to keep my trinket buying to a minimum.

I popped into a bakery and ice cream shop…but smelled lethally good and I vacated before I gained a pound or worse…bought something.

Overall, I enjoyed just strolling through the Farmer’s Market…I cannot wait to return when the stands are in full swing 🙂


One response to “Today I went to the Farmer’s Market

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