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Today I colored Easter Eggs…using whipped cream

on April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!! 

Seeing as it’s Easter, we are all obligated to boil some white eggs and color them.  It’s Tradition!! (Fiddler on the Roof)  It’s like gifts at Christmas, singing the Star Stangled Banner on 4th of July, getting down with a super, jumbo margarita on Cinco de Mayo or having tea and cumpets for the season opener of Downton Abbey…It’s Tradition!!

You can get the prepared kit where you have boats of color and teeter the egg on a paper clip size wire dipper and inevitably lose the eggs’ balance and end up with purple colored counter tops.  Or, you could do the Paas plastic egg wrap kit where a scene of the Easter Bunny skipping through field with a basket full of Easter eggs is shrink wrapped onto the boiled egg…there is so much wrong with this! It would take me hours to explain…so let me start: the end result is either wrinkled, crooked or puckered, we are putting heated plastic on our eggs?!, they are hard as heck to eat afterwards…and probably the worse offense: boring!!!

Lets take this egg dyeing up a notch!! 

I saw this idea egg dyeing method on pinterest, facebook or somewhere, saying to use shaving cream to create a marblized dye look.

Shaving cream?!  Yuck!!  I don’t want to eat shaving cream coated eggs!!! 

Surly I could come up with something better!

And I did!

What’s dense like shaving cream and edible?!  Whip cream! 

Beware awesome peeps…genius brains working here!

So, here’s the run down…start with Cool Whip (or generic tubbed whip cream)…I chose name brand based on the science that the whip usually doesn’t seperate…and I had a coupon.

Next up, use a drop of each color in seperate sections within the cream and swirl.  Then, take your egg and swirl it in the colorful swirl.  You can also take this opportunity to revist your kindergarten days and finger paint the egg using the mixture…no worries, I won’t tell.


Once you have the egg coated the coloring you like, set it aside for 5-10 minutes to allow the color to set.  While you wait, this is an excellent opportunity to revisit your Easter Basket and chow down on some more of that chocolate Easter Bunny (78% of us will start at the ears), inhale some jelly beans (I’ll trade you my pink ones for your blacks!) or eat half of the chocolate covered buttercream egg…if you were lucky enough to get one…obviously I forgot to leave carrots out last night and the Easter Bunny forgot to leave me my egg…

Anyhoo, now take a paper towel and wipe off the colorful cream to reveal a cooly dyed egg.  At this point, you can leave as is or you can redrip until it becomes Easter Art. 

Repeat 11 more times for a completely colorful dozen!

Sorry for the blurry picture…the sugar rush had set in at this point.

Happy Easter awesome peeps!!  Matthew 28:1-10


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