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Today I brewed my first kombucha

on April 21, 2014

I have procrastinated for a week in attempting my first kombucha brew.  This is pretty intimidating!!!  I don’t want to mess something up and kill my scoby!!  I needed to know for sure how to do this…

My dear friend gave me excellent instructions…but because I wanted to be extra careful, I did some more research, just to know without a doubt.  I checked some videos on youtube…my absolute go to for any and all demonstrations!

I learned something in each video:
This video taught me to vinegar wash all pots/utensils…this couple is so cute, they were just fun to watch!

This guy taught me about the 2 gallon jar at Walmart…sure enough, they had the same exact jar!

This guy confused me about the teas…you mean my plain ole Lipton tea isn’t good enough?!

This girl’s video is just simple…I totally subscribe to the KISS principle (keep it simple silly)…did you think I meant smooches?!

So, after watching all these videos I figured I could do this and would just take it one step at a time.
1. Purchase glass jar
2. Vinegar wash all pots, jars and utensils
3. Boil some water
4. Add tea bags…ok, I’m just gonna use my Lipton teabags…may not be the best but I figure perfection doesn’t have to be my goal in this first try…man, that’s total growth for me!

Note: I think I over did the tea bags…I added like 10 to 1.5 gallons!!!  Egads!!!

5. Allow bags to steep – I allowed the bags to steep for an hour
6. Fish bags out
7. Realize there are some kitchen helpers and give them some lovin

8. Wash hands
9. Add sugar
10. Allow tea to cool to room temperature – I actually forgot to add the sugar until this step…the tea had almost cooled…luckily I remembered the sugar now!
11. Pour tea into jar

12. Remove scoby from jar and add to tea –  To do this: say a prayer…research if you can use latex gloves to handle the scoby…find out you have to use non -latex gloves…search inventory of latex gloves (yes, I have numerous boxes) only to discover I don’t have any non-latex gloves…freak out…contemplate a midnight run to Walmart…look in the mirror and realize between my pjs and tshirt, no makeup, no contacts,  hair wild and crazy and bunny slippers that I will end up on people of Walmart website…decide against late night trip for non-latex gloves…return to kitchen to stare at scoby…sych myself up I can do this…wash hands with vinegar…open the jar…decide I cannot do this…close jar…walk away and play Candy Crush until I have no more lives…sigh…return to kitchen…open jar…ponder the pour technique…what would it hurt to pour it in?!…decide against pour technique…in all the videos and articles no one else did this…maybe it will harm the scoby…no harming the scoby allowed!…sigh…open jar…squeeze eyes shut…make stink face…reach in…realize I didn’t get my hand in the jar…open one eye only slightly to get hand in jar but then shut it and resume stink face…grab scoby…slimy…gooey…yucky…use lightening flash reflexes to transfer scoby to new tea…I was so fast I would have impressed the Flash!!…drop scoby into new tea…freak out and have a shiver run down my spine…run to the sink to wash my hands for 23 minutes…sink onto the kitchen stool and stare at scoby in new tea…shiver down my spine again…

That wasn’t so bad…

13. Pour remains of scoby juice into new tea.
14. Add 1/4 cup vinegar…I read this helps with ph and prevents bad bacteria from forming.
15. Add lid of jar…some recommend cheese cloth or something breathable…I may get some when I get the non-latex gloves
16. Label jar with today’s date
17. Reward myself with some diet ginger ale…I earned this drink! lol

I cannot wait to try my kombucha!!  I believe it is drinkable in 3 days but better about 7 days…as time transpires the scoby will eat all the sugar and the tea will be come carbinated and slightly more sour/vinegary.

Oh…and the mother will have a baby!!!  Aww!!! 🙂


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