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Today I taught my first essential oil class

on April 27, 2014

I’ve shared before that I have quite a resume of home businesses I’ve had a go at. 

I tried Tupperware first.  Everyone uses Tupperware and at the time I was a newlywed and wanted my kitchen completely organized in Tupperware containers.  I wanted to open my kitchen cabinet and see neatly stacked red/white/clear containers with labels.  I was my best customer.  Once my kitchen was done and all my family had everything they wanted, I couldn’t rationalize continuing to spend money on containers I wasn’t using.

Next up, Mary Kay.  Tupperware last forever so it’s hard to have repeat customers.  I wanted to get into a business I could build relationships with customers and develop a customer base.  MK seemed a perfect fit.  I stayed in it for years but inevitably I was too shy to develop new customers.  My aunt ended up my best customer.  But again, I couldn’t rationalize spending several hundred dollars a year to maintain my status.

Then there was Touchstone Crystal.  I loved this jewelry!  And I got into the business at a perfect time!  I was 1 of only 3 consultants in my area.  Unfortunately, I just couldn’t expand my comfort zone to do parties or just share it with unknown people.

When I quit Touchstone, I swore I would never get into another home business again.  I decided to invest the time and money into my crafting instead.

But then I met doTerra.  This business has a completely different set up and I’m truly excited about essential oils.  Of course, when I made this choice I realized my shyness may hender me yet again.  I feel awkward approaching people and I would hate if people just thought of me as a sales person just out for a buck.  I never thought I would I would teach classes, or if I did, I would a year or so down the line. 


Well, last week at our monthly meeting, an incentive was offered for just holding a class before the end of this month. 

At first I thought “Nah…I’m not gonna do that…I don’t need the prize that bad..” I left the meeting saying I was thinking about it but really was 95% sure I wasn’t gonna. 

Public speaking kills me!  I avoid it at all costs!  Just the thought makes my throat close up, my mind go blank, the room spins, my face and ears flush, my heart beat zooms, and that’s just the reactions I’ll tell you about.  Even in high school, we had to take a speech class as a prerequisite to graduate.  Well, I mastered public speaking…avoidance.  Laryngitis, absence on speech days, and hiding in the back of the class were some of my honed skills…and they’ve served me great thus far!  So, they could offer me a gadzillion dollars and I will whip out my handy laryngitis and wasply whisper “Oh shucks…darn laryngitis…I wish I could…but, you know, I just can’t…” 

Works every time.

So, nope…not gonna teach a class. 

A few days pass and for some reason I keep thinking about the offer.  Could I teach a class?  I’m 75% sure I can’t.   Nah, still not gonna do it.

But really…I hold the title of attending the most intro classes…I bet I knew all the info just from what I absorbed.  Hmm…I’m 53% sure I don’t know enough to teach…so, still I say no.

Then something just changed.  I woke up one day and just thought “I’m gonna do this!”  Not sure how the 47% won over the 53% or how I accidentially added courage when I made Fiesta Chicken the night before but whatever…I’m going with it.

So for the last week I have been preparing my PowerPoint show and mentally reviewing my class but then I had to decide the w’s…the where and who.  I wanted a relaxed environment…and nice, forgiving peeps.  Who could that be?!

Family!! 🙂

Tonight I met with my fam…at my fam’s house…and had a fab class! 🙂  Honestly, the beginning was rough but in the end I hit my stride and felt good…even had fun!!  With this class, I don’t feel like I’m looking at the attendents, hoping they buy something just for the sake of making a sale like I felt I had to be with other companies.  Don’t get me wrong…there is nothing wrong with the other companies…I just see this opportunity as something different.  My only intention is to educate about what is avaliable, what EOs can do and offer whatever assistance I can in answering their questions.   

Before this courage disappears, I have scheduled to hold another class later this week.  What?!


4 responses to “Today I taught my first essential oil class

  1. Jeanne says:

    congrats on stepping out of your comfort zone. I use some EOs and am thinking I need to get more.

    • iamerica911 says:

      Thank you Jeanne 🙂 I’ve always wanted to teach tatting and I’ve held myself back. Maybe this is the first steps to fufilling that dream. What do you use oils for? I’m just learning and am amazed at the benefits. Just let me know if you want to try some doTerra oils.

      • Jeanne says:

        I use Rosemary and Lemongrass EOs in my shampoo and rinse. Tea Tree oil in my mouthwash and my shampoo. Lemon EO in my cleaning water. I am thinking I need to get a few more.

        You can easily teach tatting, all you need are 2 colors of thread and some shuttles, start with chains. I actually used thin satin “rat tail” cord from the sewing store to start with, the satin made it slip fairly easily, the size made it easy to see.

  2. Tina says:

    I’m so proud of you, young lady!! I knew what you were thinking during that meeting, too; I could feel it radiating off of you. So imagine my surprise at the turn around!! I’m so glad you did it!!!

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