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Today I did a paint hack

on April 28, 2014

I didn’t know what to title this…

I had to paint my bedroom floor in preparation for new flooring.  I don’t mind painting…I have fun with the paint before I seriously paint.  Like, I make swirls, play tic-tac-toe, do polka dots, paint a Van Gogh…then destroy my temporary art by covering it with plain jane solid color.  I also end up with more paint on me than I do on my projected surface…it’s all part of the painting party!

So, while the painting is awesome, the clean up sucks bananas!

As I prepped my supplies: paint can key, stir stick, roller brush, roller pan…visions of my last paint clean up came to mind.  Paint caked rolling pans, stiff paint rollers…ugh!

But ah ha!  I remember a paint hack that I saw somewhere where you line the paint tray with aluminum foil.  This way, when you are done, you just toss the foil and viola! no scrubbing the paint tray!  Ingeneous!  Let’s try it!

I take the pan in the kitchen and pull out the aluminum foil package.  I thought I had some long foil but must have dreamt that…I only had the regular size.  No worries!  I can piece it together.  So, using 2 strips, I lined the pan.  Then I thought, maybe I need extra to ensure no clean up so I lined it again.  And then to make extra sure…yep, you guessed it!  I added another layer.


Off to make some curly ques and possibly a Rinoir.

The foil worked nicely.  The extra long foil would have just been heavenly perfection.  The foil tried to lift occasionally but a small cost to avoid scrubbing paint that never gets out.

End job:

It’s just the beginning of this project so luckily I’ll have more opportunities to finger paint! 🙂


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