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Today I spent my anniversary alone

on May 7, 2014

Five years ago, my husband and I got hitched…took the plunge…became each other’s ball and chain.

It should be a day to celebrate.

I mean, 5 years…1825 days…that’s big!

It’ an uber huge accomplishment…that I haven’t turned ALL his undies pink…that he hasn’t had to go to the ER with unexplained illnesses after eating my cooking (well, at least not recently)…that he endures my sassiness…and silliness…that we can still stand to be in the same room with each other even though I’ve heard all his jokes and stories 212 times…each…

Unfortunately though, hubbie had to go out of town on business and is missing our big holiday.  All day, I have felt like I’m missing my arm, left my purse behind or forgot to pay the mortgage.

It just hasn’t felt like an anniversary.

I don’t fault him at all…he’s working and couldn’t help the schedule.  And he’s done his best…he’s called and sent roses (hubbie said I would throw him under the bus with a blog about this topic…see hunnie, no tire tracks!)
And it’s not like I’ve been alone all day.  I did work…in fact I’ve worked 25+ hours over the last 2 days due to a local election.
But this whole day still feels odd.

And once I left work, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

All day, I thought I could make the best of this…I wanted to splurge and take myself to dinner.  I had planned Thai…yummy fresh rolls and chicken pad thai.  I would barely miss hubbie indulging on delicious foreign cuisine.  Then I could catch a chick flick at the movie theater. ..I’m pretty sure he’d just be heart broken to have missed a mushy romantic comedy drama where you laugh, then cry, then blow a kleenex out, the laugh again, then need chocolate to recover from the emotional roller coaster.  Yah…that totally sounds like a guy’s dream night…lol.  Then stop in at the ice cream shop for that chocolate fix and then head to the beach for a sweet moonlit walk.  There is absolutely, positively, truly nothing better than a night walk on the beach.

Man, I rock at planning an evening…I would so date me!

But the long hours of the election weighed on me.  When I got in the car, I decided that trying to sit through a movie at my current non existent energy level would be futile.  Rather than paying for 2 hours of entertainment, I’d be renting their chair to snooze in.  And jeopardize someone seeing me drool!  So I decided to omit the movie…but the other activities would make my night special.

As I got a mile down the road, I realized I could cancel the ice cream…no emotional turmoil…no consoling calories needed…but the rest of my night’s plan would make this day special.

As I turned onto my road home, I questioned the walk on the beach.  I live 40+ minutes from the beach.  That’s almost an hour and half just driving.  I couldn’t imagine spending that much time just driving to and fro when I could barely keep all four wheels on the road now.  Well, the beach will have to wait…but a good meal is gonna make this night!

As I turned into my driveway, I realized all my pondering of my evening led me to autopilot home.  I turned the engine off and decided I’m not going anywhere tonight…no nice dinner…no chick flick…no treat…no walk on the beach….

Just gonna hit the hay…at like 7 pm.

But a girl’s gotta eat so this is my special dinner:

Box mac ‘n cheese and some random wine.

Awesome peeps…please try to control your jellie over my uber romantic anniversary.

Someone’s gotta live the dream life 😉 lol


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