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Today I installed a new modem

on May 12, 2014

This sounds so impressive…but before you program my phone number as your techie support on speed dial, let me explain the uber easiness.

I already had a modem installed by an expert…it’s just 10 years old.  The cable company contacted me and recommended I upgrade…they actually called my modem “extremely outdated”…I just say I got my money’s worth!  And FREAKY!  How do they know how old my modem is?!  Have they been hangin at my house when I’m not home?!

On Saturday, in my Mother’s Day gift errand run, I beebopped into Best Buy armed with my Rewards certificate and sales ad loaded on my phone.  How nice of Best Buy to put the exact modem I wanted on sale this week 🙂

Tonight, I decided I could do the swap.

The black one = gramps.  The white one = young whipper snapper

Swapping them just entailed taking the existing wires from the old and connecting them to the new modem.  Well, except for the power cord…I had to completely install the new one.  And because the power strip resides strtegically between the entertainment center and the wall, I had to execute some super human yoga just to reach and switch out the plugs…

Then there was the screw in wire…yep, that’s a technical term…I couldn’t get it to budge!  I had to break out a tool!

Then all the lights lit up!  We have success!

When I went to the computer to check connectivity, it already changed to the cable company’s new equipment activation screen.  FREAKY!!  Ok, where is the video camera?  And do they watch me when I dance and sing while I clean?!  That’d be quite a show for them!

Anyhoo, I answered a few questions…the website even already knew the new modem’s serial number!!!  And within 10 minutes my new modem was zooming…and I mean lightening fast!!  Like the difference between a Sunday leisure bike ride on a beach cruiser and riding in Tony Stewart’s (hubba hubba) car at a Nascar race!!

I feel like a pro!!!…like I could install batteries in the remote or something…


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