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Today I made cauliflower bake

on May 14, 2014

I heard cauliflower could be used as a low carb substitue for potatoes and rice…but I didn’t believe it.

Cauliflower…a vegetable…sha!  Like, whatever!  I’ve never eaten cauliflower before but still I say “nahhhh”.

I’ve bought two cauliflower heads previously but could never talk myself into experiment with them.  They died a lonely death in the fridge drawer…

Today though, my back is up against the wall.  I bought a head a few days ago and swore that cauliflower would not suffer the same fate as the others.  No trash side funneral for this one!

I found an awesome recipe: Twice Baked Cauliflower.  It’s cheese, sour cream, cheese, green onion, cheese, and bacon…oh, and more cheese.  This would be perfect because you could put all these ingredients on saw dust and it would still be good.  So yah…a great starter recipe to try cauliflower.

Of course I had to consult YouTube for a video on how to dissect this beast.

Come to discover, cutting a cauliflower ended up being uber easy.  I even cut it with my knock off ginsu knife.

The head practically has “cut here” instructions!

The recipe says to boil the cauliflower then mash it.  I’m a great masher!

Then add all the ingredients.

Then mix and add to a baking dish.

Cook for 30 minutes and determine if this cauliflower theory has any validity.

I served this with bourbon burgers I scored from Whole Foods last week.

Verdict:  mmmm….Nom nom nom…mmmmm….nom nom nom…mmmmm
Translation:  oh my golly…like this is so good…Cauliflower?!  Really?!  I knew it all along…Cauliflower is awesome!!


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