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Today I picked fresh strawberries

on May 24, 2014

Who doesn’t love strawberries?  The first fruit of the summer season 🙂

I usually get my strawberries from the grocery store…which seems so silly since I’m literally surrounded by fresh strawberry fields!  Why am I paying the store for just so-so strawberries that appear to be ripe but then when you cut into them, they are overly white and cheek sucking in tart. Yuck!  No sweetness and barely any juice.

So, today a group of us decided to go strawberry picking and then head to the local Strawberry Festival. It truly was going to be a Strawberry Saturday! 🙂

The weather was perfect!  Sunny, mid 70s….couldn’t have asked for any better! Strawberry Perfect Weather! 🙂

I approached the farm stand and grabbed two buckets…if I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna make it worth my while.  Besides, I have visions of making my own strawberry jam…possible future post 🙂

Many of the rows had standing water at their entrance but luckily I found one not too bad.   I wore my flip flops (like I always do) and didn’t want muddy feet!   I walked a bit until I found some bright red big berries. They looked perfect just hanging their on the dark green foliage…but they would look more perfect in my bucket!Strawberry rows

Ok…they look great…but what about how do they taste? I’ve fallen for that trick before…so, I just had to sample before I committed to buy. I plucked on, wiped it off good and popped it in my mouth. Oh oh oh…oh my golly…it tastes like…like…sunshine! So sweet, so juicy, so good!!Strawberry field

I’m excited!! Visions of strawberries and whip cream, strawberry cake, strawberry ice cream, chocolate covered strawberries, strawberries and champagne filled my head as I filled my bucket. But as I would pick, sometimes the tops would come off in my eagerness. I couldn’t just put them back…it’s not like I could put it’s top back on…and if I put it in my basket, the topless berry would ruin my other berries. So…what’s a girl to do?! Eat it 🙂 I would continue to pick and oh…whoops…happened again…and again…and again. Maybe they should have weighed me before I started.

Time just flew by and before I knew it my 2 baskets (and I) were full. We checked out, dropped the strawberries at the house and then went to the Strawberry Festival. It was a Strawberry Perfect Day! 🙂


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