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Today I met a 40 foot Rubber Ducky

on May 26, 2014

Our local art museum has been closed for renovations.  As part of it’s reopening, it invited a rubber ducky to bob around in the water in front of the building…but not the rubber ducky bath toy from your tub…or mine…rather, a 40 foot tall rubber ducky.

The rubber ducky, created by Florentijn Hofman, is an art piece which travels the world to bring a sense of fun and renewal to everyday places.  This particular duck has happily bobbed in London, Sydney, Taiwan and Pittsburg to name a few places…and he decided to visit us in Norfolk…only the second American destination he has traveled to…we’re on the map!

The duck is slated to float away tomorrow so I knew I had to visit him (or her…it’s hard to lift a 40 foot ducky to determine it’s gender) today!  I arrived in the afternoon and parked further away than most of the crowd.  The weather lent itself to a nice stroll.  Also, as my pictures will show,  I got to sneak up on it 🙂

Yellow blob…


Oh…it’s a ducky…


Shhh…. (Elmer Fudd voice)…Be vewy, vewy quiet!…I’m hunting wubbeh duckyies…


Nope…he doesn’t see me yet..


Oh no..I think he spyed me!


Ah ha ha ha…caught him!


Look at that cute, smiling face!!  I have to say…this brought much fun and happiness to my Memorial Day!! 🙂


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