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Today I cooked and ate asparagus

on May 28, 2014

I had a great childhood 🙂  My family never made me eat strange veggies.  We had the usual stand bys…green beans, butter beans,  salads, etc.  Asparagus just never made it on the A-list.

At the Farmer’s Market this weekend, hubbie added asparagus to the cart.  The conversation went something like…

Me: Ewww!
Him: You’re backwards.
Me: I’m clearly forwards but you are clearly crazy.
Him: Why? Asparagus? It’s good.
Me: Ewww!
Him: You ever had it?
Me: No…but still Ewww!

Anyhoo, wouldn’t you know, yesterday a recipe appeared on my Facebook page which featured asparagus.  Must be fate.

The recipe is Creamy Lemon Chicken with Bacon.   Ok…I’m perplexed…the picture doesn’t match the title…Yes, there is chicken…yes, there is lemons…but no mention of the bunch of asparagus sorrounding the chicken…oh, but they made sure to mention bacon…bacon which is just sprinkled over the chicken, lemon and tons of asparagus.  Is this due to the recent bacon craze?…the fact that everything is better covered in bacon?…asparagus is that bad?…or a total veggie dis?  I don’t know for sure but I have a theory…asparagus sucks!

But the asparagus is already bought and laying in the fridge.  And if I’m gonna give it a try I might as well try it covered in bacon.


I rinsed the spears and trimmed the bottoms.  The recipe called for boiling them for 3 minutes.  Woah!  They really turned green!


Then, per the recipe, I drained, rinsed them in cold water and set them aside while I made the rest of the meal…you know, the chicken, lemon and bacon.

Once I had cooked everything else, the recipe instructed to put the not mentioned ingredient back into the sauce and cook for a few more minutes.

The finished dish:


The verdict: asparagus is ok.  The lemony sauce and bacon really made it!


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