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Tonight I’m without my pups

on June 2, 2014

First…all the pups are ok.

I walked into the house just now and it felt empty and strange.

No puppy laying against the door waiting for me to come in.  No puppy howling, begging me to release them from their pin.  No puppy anxious to give me bear hugs.


They are spending the next few days at the emergency vet.  Again, everyone should be ok.

Today on my way home I had 6 errands.  I ran them all in an hour…woot!  Go me!  One errand was to pick up a refill of one of my pups prescription pain medicine.  The poor boy has a handful of medical issues and doesn’t complain about any of them.  He’s my sweetie pie!  Anyhoo, I came home and unloaded my arms fully of bags into the chair in the living room.  I missed a phone call because my arms couldn’t juggle one more thing so I immediately called them back.

After the phone call I began our evening routine…let pups out, let pups in, feed pups, dispense meds then start considering what to prep for dinner.  I just didn’t feel up to cooking…I couldn’t even come up with an idea of what to make! And mexican at the local restaurant sounded absolutely ole! I opted to just run out and get dinner.

I didn’t even think about what could happen…which is so not me so I’m not sure what’s with me today.

I returned home an hour later to find all my bags had been gotten into.  The empty container from a leftover salad from lunch today was licked clean at one end of the living room.  Cards that I had just bought from Hallmark with the intention to send off tomorrow laid torn up just at the foot of the chair.  Even a jar of freshly bought coconut oil had teeth marks and punctures showing attempts to break in.  What can I say, they’re health nuts.  But in the center of the room was the chewed up bottle of medicine.  And all the medicine was gone.

I didn’t scream…I didn’t panic…I went ballistic. Then screamed. Then panicked.

I assessed the pups…everyone acted normal so I couldn’t figure out who actually ate all of them.  Great…it could have been any one or combination of the 4 pups: 5 lb tea cup poodle, 12 lb lhasa apsos, 38 lb lhasa apso or the 60 lb standard poodle.  Although, I have to tell you they’re not great sharers so whoever got to the bottle first, probably got the jack pot.

Calmly (yeah right!), I called the emergency vet for advice. They recommend seeing them.  An office visit at the ER Vet is twice as much as my normal vet…if only my pups would wait to do silly stuff during normal business hours!  Of course, money is a consideration seeing as I have yet to win the lottery, haven’t found a seed to plant a money tree, or found a pot of gold buried in my yard. But at the same time I’m not going to jeopardize my pets’ health.  Sometimes making these decisions is an agonizing tight wire circus act. The receptionist also said I could call animal poison control to see if they knew of any other options.  So I did.

By the way, animal poison control’s phone number is …1-888-426-4435. But I pray you are never in the situation to have to call them. This is the public service announcement portion of the blog…I now return you to your regularly scheduled reading. 🙂

First off, be prepared to speak with really nice, actual veterinarians….second, be prepared to pay $65 to open a case…and you have to open a case before you can get any advice.  I didn’t do that.  I couldn’t see paying that if we were inevitably going to end up in the ER. And that’s what I told the really nice, actual veterinarian. Maybe it was the tone of my voice, maybe it was that I said 4 dogs were affected or maybe it was pretty evident I was barely keeping myself together over the concern of my treasured pets…but she took pity, listened to what happened and urged me to get them to the hospital.

So I did.

Car rides with the pups are fun…everybody wants to ride on my lap…every pup that is.  It’s quite complimentary…it’s quite sweet…it’s quite alot of wiggles. Some want to look out the window, some just want to be close to me for comfort and some just to suck up the ac….and sometimes they want it all…and sometimes all of them want it all. I’m just there to accommodate.

We all entered the door of the ER Vets and I swear I near about teared up.  There were owners sitting with their sick pets, some just so pitiful looking (both the owners and the pets),  all just waiting to be seen.  I don’t know how the workers can handle the cases that come through the door.  I won’t go in detail other than to say they had 3 euthanasia cases back to back.  As the owners walk out of the rooms, holding empty leashes and collars and blankets that had just cradled their beloved pet, your heart cannot help but to break for them.  I just want to comfort and hug them for in the past I’ve been the one walking out that door, leaving my dear pup behind.

However, my four gave me no chance to even move as they had me mummified, encased in four leashes.  Some of my group tried to chat (loudly) with the puppy in a leg cast at the other end of the waiting room all the while the others wanted to regain their seat in my lap.  My lap that they insisted had to be on the floor, accessible to them.  AND all the while trying to fill out four sets of papers because each pup is considered a patient (and separate office visit).  We were quite the comic relief for the room.

Shortly after I completed the paperwork they took all my pups back into the procedure room and then I was left puppyless.  It’s so odd going from a four ring circus to having none of them around.

And then comes the waiting.  My ears strained to hear any noise from the procedure room that I could identify as from one of mine.  And the few I heard, I wished I hadn’t.

In the end, they all had to expel as much as they could to get the potential medicine out of their system.  Because this type of medicine in an overdose situation attacks internal organs such as the liver, the ER vet recommended keeping them hospitalized for 48 hours to give them fluids, meds to absorb the medicine and to do blood work to monitor internal systems.

The receptionist brought the estimate in and I’m not gonna lie…I choked.  But ultimately none of this is their fault….quite clearly my haphazardness landed them here and I have to do whatever I can to rectify the situation.  I’ve never felt as guilty in anything as I do over this.  And I would trade places with them in a heartbeat if I could for they are really the one’s having to endure strange treatments, in an weird place, and (from their point of view) I have abandoned them. Honestly, I would love if no one ever knew this happened just out of my own embarrassment. BUT if my experience could have a positive affect on other pet parents, to be extremely careful with medicines (both people and pet meds), then I can swallow my pride for the common good.

As I settle into bed to sleep a few hours before work, it’s so strange not having them to cuddle or struggle with for blankets and space.

I cannot help but to think of the American Express commercial:
Ruined Hallmark cards: $7
Eaten bottle of medicine: $20
Hospital bill: You don’t even want to know…
Having 4 pups at home all healthy and well……priceless.


UPDATE!!!  HUGE RELIEF!!  I found out the next day the pups hadn’t eaten the bottle of medicine!  They ate the bottle I used to call in the refill (empty)!  : )

The day after this incident, I came home after work absolutely disturbed by the silence in the house.  So I started doing busy work just to keep my mind off of the lack of puppies and one task was to clean out my purse.  In cleaning my purse, I found the bottle FULL of the medicine!!  I always thought I put it in my purse but at the time, I didn’t even think about the empty bottle.  And they chewed the top so I couldn’t see the date to trigger to me it’s not the same bottle.  Anyhoo, they have all come home!!  I feel horrible (and I mean super HORRIBLE) that they had to go through the treatments and stress of being away from home and family.  Like filet minion meals, doggie treats every 15 minutes, a trip to Petsmart for new toys and tons and tons and tons of belly rubs!!


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