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Today I ate a green egg

on June 3, 2014

When I purchased eggs from the sweet 80 years young lady down the road, she told me there were green eggs mixed in.  I’d never had green eggs before but I’m prideful and wouldn’t dare hurt her feelings so I said, they’re no problem.

Some friends had told me about Easter Eggs being pastel colored and people actually charge more for them since they are out of the norm.  I told Ms. Lula that but she’s not concerned about selling them for more…she just wants to not be overrun with eggs.

So this morning I decided to cook one of the green eggs up.  The picture shows several green eggs along side a white egg for comparison.


I’m not sure what I thought would be inside a green egg.  Maybe Kermit the Frog…maybe green skittles…maybe a green colored egg.

I gingerly cracked it, pryed the shell open and out popped the egg.  A normal looking, no different than any other egg.

Now I feel like a goof because ¡hello! Brown eggs look like real eggs.


But now, how does it taste?!  I cooked the egg over easy…because that’s how I roll.

Of course, I could taste a difference…it tasted like…like…spinach!!  Haha…Just kidding!!  Again, there was no difference!  Tasted like every other delicious over easy egg.

But my meal is missing something…let me see…I have green eggs…sausage?…steak?…bacon?….HAM!!!

Dr. Suess would be so proud!! 🙂


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